Apple Inc. is the American company that manufactures the Smartphones, IPad tablets, MAC Computers, IPod and Apple Smart watches. Steve Jobs is the founder of Apple Inc. Apple is the most valuable company in the history of all companies.



Now the question is that why Apple is most successful worldwide. Apple is most successful company in technology because of its unique products, design & new innovations, along with also commanding the loyalty from its customers. Its brand status is so impressive and marketing is so successful.


Apple focus on simple and elegant design, as they don’t focuses on design or reinvents the things but they prefer to look for the weak points of already existed design and try for making it better. Apple design the devices in such a way that they look better and easier for users and all this possible because of the Apple Industrial Design Group. D&AD, a global association of creative, design and advertising communities named the Apple as the Best Design Studio in the past 50 years.


Apple devices are very user friendly and so simple to use. They are keeping trying to make things simple as possible to all of its devices.


Apple Inc. is at its best to innovate things for their products.  Apple added a great Pinterest feature in its devices that is called the App Pins. This feature enables to Pin apps to their boards. Innovation & creativity both are the main reason of the greatness of Apple in worldwide. Apple always looking forward for creating & innovate the new things in its iProducts.



One of the top reasons for Apple success is that they gain the consumer trust and keep trying to satisfy the customers with their unique and elegant products. Apple follows the consumers demand so that the consumers trust their products, so therefore the Apple is so successful.  The costumers are easily trust and buying the Apple products.


Apple is successful for its quality product that’s why they lead the market in the world. The design, look and the interface are free from clutter. Its graphics & the processors are built-in with high quality. The products are reliable and give high performance so that the satisfaction level of customers is very high.



Apple always targets the emerging markets as the Apple always keeps focusing on the markets. Through these efforts, the Apple becomes the global brand. Apple’s products are usually always first of their kind, that’s why they captured the whole market for its unique products. There is a new market emerging at every week in the world but still Apple maintains its top markets worldwide.


The latest reported revenue for Apple is of $74.6 billion and their profit for just only a single quarter is $18 billion. The total revenue of Apple is so high that it is bigger than the GDP of the some countries. Apple is making records in the world of technology.