We have seen many times either our or our friends/family phone gets fall or somehow its screen gets break and the worst situation is when your phone screen got broke and there was a pin or pattern lock on its screen so now you are not able to access data of your mobile like its contacts/images/videos even your whatsapp data.So I will tell you here two methods that are very easy to use to get back all of your data and you will be able to know how to recover your data from your mobile if screen got broke.


So here are two quick methods to get your data recovered.

  1. First of all one quickest and easiest method is to buy a HDMI cable from market and a wireless keyboard and mouse. But you must have LED which have the option of HDMI cable. Then connect your mobile after charging via using HMDI cable and a converting wire(USB to phone pin) then plug it with wireless mouse once it’s done then you need to turn on LED and move the pattern using mouse to draw pattern on the screen or use instead keyboard if you have pin code enabled on your phone, So that’s all now you are able to access all of your mobile data easily.


  1. Another method its bit costly but very good easy and good for you, you need to buy or hire LED/LCD panel from market once it is on you need to connect it with your laptop/PC remove all passwords open developers options via enabling it in settings mode.Now you are connected successfully here you should connect it with skies so whenever you want to access your mobile’s data you can easily access it.


So these were the two easiest methods for your problem (how to recover your mobile data if screen got broke).

Although you can also buy the LED panel that is easily available at online commerce sites if market is not nearby or you can purchase it from market permanently instead of hiring it. There also method available how to remove older led panel safely and install new one.Here you can find all of these information for free. So now don’t worry you can easily get back all of your data that you were thinking that has been lost and not recoverable turn now your anxiety into happiness.