The Vizio M Series is the excellent, awesome, inspiring, slimmest and 4K ultra HD TV. It is presented and manufactures by VIZIO and it is released in 2015 & surely be updated in 2016. It has the incredible UHD picture quality with very affordable price and it is cheaper than the Samsung and Sony. It was the best, highest rating & top recommended HD TV in the year 2015. It has the powerful and super-fast performance with great and solid colors accuracy. It’s also included with the feature called local dimming, that can brighten or dim any area of the screen for better result.




The sizes that are coming in this Vizio M Series;

  • VIZIO M43-C1 (43 Inch)
  • VIZIO M50-C1 (50 Inch)
  • VIZIO M55-C2 (55 Inch)
  • VIZIO M60-C3 (60 Inch)
  • VIZIO M65-C1 (65 Inch)
  • VIZIO M70-C3 (70 Inch)
  • VIZIO M75-C1 (75 Inch)
  • VIZIO M80-C3 (80 Inch)


The Vizio M Series has the excellent and beautiful design. It is fewer blends as compared with E Series. The frame is with less blend metal finished and thinner. On the right side of the bottom, there is the silver color logo printed on the bezel. It is the full array LED TV with sharp edges. It has the 4K UHD screen, Wi-Fi connections, Ethernet, HDMI 2.0, HDCP 2.2 & HVEC compatibility. The TV is standing on the aluminum legs and it can be detachable and also you can adjust the screen on your own by pressing down from the top on either sides.



The Vizio M Series is the 4K ultra HD display that also having the ultra-sharp 2160p resolution that included with the VM50 ultra HD picture processing engine. The VM50 engine converts everything into Ultra HD and it also continuously sharpens the contents on the screen for precision and accuracy. It has the excellent, masterpiece and stunning picture quality. The display gives some excellent controlling reflections, and it gives better result in bright room and has better black level preservation.



It is included one of the great 4K resolution technology as the result is great during 4K resolution as it is near to nature. It gives the excellent results as it delivers the quality original full HD contents and refined clarity that sharpens the images and detail on the screen.



The Vizio M Series also included with the internet App Smart TV. You can enjoy the popular Apps with full Ultra HD streaming as all the Apps come along in one place and also powered with voice commands. The content selection is as great as the seven icons are there along the bottom when you hit the ‘V’ with the remote control.



The Vizio M Series TV also concluded with the smart remote control that is very stylish and excellent double sided remote for the smarter TV. You can access your favorite App with one-touch. On the back side, there is a full QWERTY backlit keyboard. The QWERTY remote is very useful when searching the videos on YouTube or Netflix.


The sound quality of the M Series TV is incredible and awesome that your room can turn into true home theater through such sound immersions. It has the balanced sound with extra bass kick of the subwoofer.



The Vizio M Series Ultra HD TV is very stunning and has the outstanding performance. It comes in cheaper price as compared with E series. It is included with local dimming feature, with lower contrast ration with excellent 4K Ultra HD display. It gives the excellent and crystal clear picture quality and great connectivity to 4K UHD contents. It also has the beautiful two-sided smart remote. It is the top quality and highly recommended HD TV to buy.