Multiple news agencies has been covering the news about kingdom hearts 2.8 but with the launch of the trailer about this version there has been a hint about the launch of Kingdom hearts 3 and so the fans has converted their a lot of attention towards this as they have been assuming the multiple factors involved in the series of kingdom hearts that has been launched till now , we have been seeing the many parts at E3 but there is now also arising a question about will the fans be able to see it again at E3 either they will have to convert their routine to another side to enjoy the fun and love of Kingdom hearts 3.



Release of Kingdom hearts 2.8?

No doubt there has been hundreds of thousands of games around the globe for Xbox one and about Playstation which is till now being enjoyed and played by millions of people globally with the ability to play online with friends/family and relative any choice fans has a great passion to do so. They don’t feel how the time is being spended by playing high quality result and nonstop gaming experience enhance the probability they will more and more in this sense they have an upcoming action role-playing game coming to market very soon this year as the developer and publisher who are Square Enix have confirmed this game will be in market this year the timelimited they have given and decided is maximum end of December so, fans don’t be worry you now not so far from your destination two platforms are being selected for the gaming console the most competitive and famous known as  the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.As this games possess the ability of chapter gaming so it will be big news for its player that it is going to be the last chapter in the Dark Seeker Saga as It is the eleventh installment in the Kingdom Hearts. But don’t worry much first there will be the launch of Kingdom Hearts 2.8 and then there will be launch of Kingdom hearts 3.

Actual release of Kingdom hearts 3?

As there is statement from the developers of Kingdom Hearts2.8 that there will be launch of it in the winters of this year mean in 2016 from November to December while there is merely the announcement in trailer of kingdom hearts 3, which basically explores the nature of titular kingdom heart is often said about it, this game will release in late 2017. So there is a lot of time to wait. Don’t worry guys time passes like the flow of water so it’s not actually too far, until enjoy the previous version of this game and later on upcoming versions.