There are many different ways to get rid of your skin hair. Any of those ways has its own advantages and disadvantages. In this blog post, we will discuss the truths and myths of different hair removal methods.



Myth: If you shave your skin hair, more and thicker hairs will grow back.

If you shave, the structure of your hairs won’t change. Your hairs might feel different because shaving changes the shape of your hair, but this does not effect the hair structure and thickness.

Truth: If you wax instead of shave, your hair will grow back more slowly.

Indeed. If you shave, the roots of the hairs will remain present, whereas waxing removes the whole hair including the root. Therefore it will take longer before waxed hair grows back.

Myth: If you wax your hair very often, at some point it won’t grow back anymore.

Unfortunately this is not the case. No matter how often you wax, your hair will always grow back. The source of the hairs is still intact after you have waxed yourself, so the hair can start growing again.

Truth: If you epilate your hair, it will be gone for around a month.

Although this way of getting rid of your skin hairs is very painful, it makes sure that your hairs will not be visible for the next month.

Truth: If you shave after you take a shower, the shaving will be both more easy and more smooth.

Due to the hot water that comes out of the shower, your skin will open up. This will makes your hair more soft, which makes it easier to shave your hair after you took a shower.

Myth: The hairs on your axils and the hairs on your legs grow equally fast.

The hairs on your axils grow around 50% faster than the hairs on your legs. Therefore you have to shave your axils more often. The hair on your axils grows that fast, that if you shave your axils in the morning, there might be visible hairs back already in the evening.

Myth: If you push harder on your shaving gear, your skin will become more smooth.

Actually the opposite is true. Most shaving gear is designed in such a way, that it only requires light pressure. If you push harder this does not influence the results of your shave. Furthermore you will have to buy new shaving gear sooner, since more pressure leads to a faster wearing out of your shaving gear.