There are two of the Hamilton who will be alive for many decades as their names will remain open to everyone’s heart and everyone will be closely attached to them as a worldly possessions; first one is Alexander Hamilton who was the mostly famous and known as father of US he was a great influential interpreters and the one who promotes the constitution of United states.

so as far as tonys awards are subjected;The another  great musician who inspires and get involved other’s attention fully to his music as the people start loving his feelings in his voice and the words that make us feel those feelings in real he has just released new soundtrack and the musical hip hop songs are majorly enjoyed in his voice; while Tonys, Lin-Maneul who also sings the song hips hop has now captured the major chunk of the audience and his fans too as there are now multiple questions arising in the mind, first one is how many tonys are there for which the legend of music” Hamilton” has been nominated for? Though there are many selves bouncing in our brain but the one thing here that should be cleared right now is are you really committing an capturing act of treason at this point.



No doubt its purely the social impact on everyone’s thinking style and the pattern we form or behave are not much similar as the trends varies with the time and so we start forming our enemies and friends as well the thing that make us pop up is as discussed above where it was told by the point of Aaron burr, which was played by leslie Odom jr., who is now the enemy of Hamilton but initially he depicted the role of first true friend, the time from when Hamilton has been living in New york a song played by Miranda and by the song himself(Burr) death at the hands.

Many incidents and such as the time from 18th century can hook you up with in no time, like Schuyler Sisters and the Destiny Chile on the other side of the board founding fathers a most important terminology used many times which is rapping their war through the US revolution  and the battles of cabinets. So multiple Factors effecting the decision making process which causes the selves of every prospect to engage themselves in the right way they can best satisfy their inner feelings ; Miranda’s historical, hip-hop are now trending and there can be a bad downfall of the music history of Hamilton and his music history.


Although Hamilton nominates in 11 prizes by Tonys; some still beliefs he will remain the choice of many hearts for so long time.