Anti-theft lunch bags may look unreasonable, but they might keep your lunch away from snooping hands.

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These $4 bags were created by design company the., and camouflage your sandwich or snack with stained green spots in the plastic that create it appearance like mold is growing on both sides.

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Imagine that you make a fresh sandwich, place it in fridge and while you back to eat it….it’s stolen. Or just supposed the gloom of the kids who are thrilled for break time to eat but it becomes snatched away from them through lunch robs. This simple invention will placed a finish to this distress.


These lunch bags costume your fresh lunch as musty because of the shabby look of lunch plastic bags. It creates the food look unappealing to rob and it remains safe.The Anti-Lunch Bags are accessible for purchase at Perpetual Kid just for $4.99 for twenty bags. The bags dimensions are 7.25 inches in wide and length with a bogus frame printed on equally sides and a zip styled lock to retain it fresh.

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Avoid your lunch from existence stolen with this false mold anti- lunch theft bag. The bag has a plan that may it looks like your flawlessly good sandwich is really galloped with mold. By the immunity of public swags, this is the greatest technique to prevent office robs.