1. Make it part of your routine.

Losing weight or gaining weight is a hard struggle, you will have to work hard for it and make changes to your daily routine. It is going to be a big part of your life and therefore you need to make it part of your routine. If it is part of your routine, it is easier to keep the ideal weight for you and stick to your new healthy lifestyle. You will eat the good things and exercise without even thinking about it. The first couple of weeks will be difficult, but keep going and it will get easier!



  1. Stick to the foods you love

You shouldn’t change your whole diet because you want to change something about your weight. You can still eat all the food you love, but change it a little bit. For example, if you want to lose weight, you still can eat pizza, but then with reduced-fat cheese and a lot of vegetables on it. Or if you want to gain weight and you love fruit shakes, you can add calories to the shake. This way you can still eat or drink the foods you love and reaching the goal you have for your weight. It will be easier for you this way, because you don’t need to change everything you eat, just make small changes.

Stick to the foods you love


  1. Get others involved with your journey

The struggle of losing or gaining weight is hard, especially if you have to go through it alone. So that is why you should share your goals with your friends or family. This will help you because your family and friends can help you reach them. They can help you with working out, choosing a diet or just to remember you about your goals when you’re having a difficult time. Maybe others will even join you on your journey to your ideal weight, because there are a lot of people struggling with their weight. You do not have to go through everything alone, there are always people to help and support you.



  1. Size matters

The visual aspect of eating is a big part of how you perceive your food. If you eat a normal portion of a large plate, you will think that it is a small portion and you want to eat more. But if you put the same normal portion on a small plate, it will look like a really full plate and you will think you have eaten a lot. It is all in your head, it is a physical struggle.

So if you want to lose weight, it could be easier if you just use smaller plates, bowls and glasses. Also smaller spoons will help you, every bite will be smaller so you will eat slower. This way your body has time to register the food you’ve eaten and you will feel satisfied earlier.




  1. Keep a food diary

Nobody knows exactly what they’ve eaten all day, let alone all the calories, fats or vitamins. If you are trying to gain or lose weight, it can be helpful to keep a diary of everything you eat. You shouldn’t only write what you’ve eaten, but also the amount of calories, fat and vitamins per meal, snack or drink. This way you will get familiar with the nutrition of your diet. You can see it when you don’t eat enough carbs or when you eat too much fat food.

It is really easy to keep a food diary, you can write it down in a notebook, but you can also use one on the internet. The ones on the internet can even help you to count all the calories, fats and vitamins, this way it is really easy!