The popularity of usage of smartphones increases day by day. And it is most considerable thing when buying a smartphone is how long its battery last. Many smartphone companies just focus on other features just like processors, big screens and powerful apps etc.  There are very rare smartphone devices on where the companies focused on the life of the battery. Battery drained so quickly when continuous web surfing, streaming videos or playing high resolution games.



The life of the battery depends upon its capacity of mAh, the higher the mAh the longer the battery life. But it also depends on the screen brightness which plays an important role about the drainage of the battery.


Huawei Ascend Mate 2

BATTERY LIFE: Almost 15 Hours (4050 mAh)

Huawei Ascend Mate 2 is the incredible smartphone included with the huge 4050 mAh non-removable Li-Ion battery. This phone included with the 6.1 inch display with 4G LTE capable. This mobile has the long battery life that last almost for 15 hours. It is speedy, responsive and great business considerable smartphone.

Huawei Ascend Mate 2

 OnePlus One

BATTERY LIFE: 13 hours and 15 minutes (3100 mAh)

The OnePlus One is the excessive Android smartphone; it comes with the 5.5 inch display with the powerful 3100 mAh non-removable Li-Po battery.  It is a great business smartphone with great features and the battery last for 13 hours and 15 minutes.  It is the stylish and powerful smartphone with long battery, 4G LTE & with great security features.

OnePlus One


Google Nexus 6P

BATTERY LIFE: 12 hours and 25 minutes (3450 mAh)

The Nexus 6P is one of the best Google’s smartphone that comes with 5.7 inch display, fingerprint scanner and with super-fast performance. The battery is 3450 mAh which is non-removable. The battery is very impressive and long lasting. It has the latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow operating system. It also included the aluminum body with excellent camera, and also with listening voice command and the feature with early software updates.
Google Nexus 6P

iPhone 6 Plus (2915 mAh)

BATTERY LIFE: 10 hours

iPhone 6 Plus is one of the best business smartphone available in the market. It included with the large display and with great and powerful security features. It has the huge 5.5 inch display and the 2915 mAh non-removable Li-Po battery that last almost for 10 hours. It also included with A8 processor, fingerprint scanner and great camera.

 iPhone 6 Plus

Samsung Galaxy S5 (2800 mAh)

BATTERY LIFE: 9 hours and 45 minutes

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is one of the best smartphone manufactured by Samsung. It is available in 5.1 inch display with fingerprint scanner and with split screen. It included with 2800 mAh movable Li-Ion battery that last almost for 10 hours when continuous usage. It is the great business smartphone with split screen multitasking and with expandable memory.

Samsung Galaxy S5


Motorola Droid Turbo (3900 mAh)

BATTERY LIFE: 9 hours and 40 minutes

The Motorola Droid Turbo is the powerful smartphone that include almost 10 hours battery life. It is included with 5.2 inch HD display with quad core processor that makes its performance super-fast. It has the huge 3900 mAh non-removable Li-Po battery. It also included with the great feature that can automatically disabled Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when the screen is off.

Motorola Droid Turbo

ZTE Grand X Max+ (3200 mAh)

BATTERY LIFE: 9 hours and 40 minutes

The ZTE Grand X Max+ is the great and excellent smartphone that is powered with the great battery life. It has 3200 mAh non-removable Li-Ion battery that last almost for 10 hours. It also included with great 6 inch display with quad core processor. It is a great business smartphone with affordable price and has the long lasting battery life.

ZTE Grand X Max+