A smartphone is a mobile phone that has advanced operating system. It includes advanced computing capability and the features of the cell phone such as web browsers, high resolution touchscreens, pocket video camera, GPS navigation units etc. A touchscreen is a function that is free of stylus, keyboard or typical keypads. For the main means of interactions, a touchscreen is the direct finger input.



The first smartphone was the IMB Simon Personal Communicator that is referred as the first ever smartphone. It is also said that the IBM Simon was the first with the function of touchscreen that were made in 1992.



APPLE Inc. introduces the first multi-touch smartphone in 2007. And this great invention of APPLE INC. made a great and very useful impact in the field of smartphones. After one year, HTC introduced its first phone HTC Dream to use the Android operating system. One more thing that, HTC claims that HTC has made such phones far longer than Apple.


A touchscreen is a display which allows the users to interact with fingers by touching the areas on the screen. Some said that EA Johnson is the first who developed the touchscreen in 1965. But later in 1970s, two engineers (Bent Stumpe & Frank Beck) from CERN developed a transparent and capacitive touch screen. Multi touch innovation began in 1982.

Pile of smart phones


Wireless internet access through the smartphone is the best and great feature. Wireless communication change the world and now a days it became very essential part of the life. Wireless communication has also made a great impact on business as it make easier to the companies to keep in touch with the customers around the world. Wireless communication also opens the new era and new ways to the entertainment.

Through smartphone you can download books, newspaper, streaming games, movies, music and live sports events. Now the people can work together to support a common cause because of the wireless communication.


Some of the smartphone features are as under;

Digital Camera

Video Recording

Voice Recording




Web Browsing

Audio & Video Player

Mini keyboard & screen keyboard

Address Book

Microsoft Office


Internet and different Apps put you in touch with the whole new worlds. You can surf, swipe, browse and many more stuff through your smartphone. Smartphones are friendly and easy to use and you can explore a whole new world by using different features of the smartphone.Smartphone-Apps