Smartphones are becoming very essentials day by day. If people think that the Smartphones are very important in their daily life then they should aware about some basic repair of the Smartphones. For the purpose of repairing of your smartphone the first and necessary thing you need is the tool kit such as the screwdriver kit and screen pry tools kit that pry kit is very important and can be used to separate the different parts that are pressed together. These tool kits are very cheap and easy to busy.

Here below are some basic & common Smartphones repair methods that you can do on your own.



Charging port issue is very common issue. The solution for fixing this issue is very simple and quick. Just you need a toothpick that is thin and sharpened then use this toothpick to clean dust and lint from the port.

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Headphone issue is also very common, such as the headphone become noisy or buggy. Headphone jacks are very easy to replace because the headphone jack unit is directly plugged into the mother board. But it also varies from smartphone to smartphone just as the HTC have the different structure and it can be difficult for replacing headphone jack in HTC mobile devices.



Broken screen issue can be either very simple or very expensive; it depends on the structure of the phone. In some smartphones, the screen and the digitizer are attached together which can make the replacement very difficult and expensive. Also if the display is not connected with the glass then you should easily replace the glass or both the screen and the digitizer.



If your smartphone get unexpectedly wet or takes swim then the first step you should take by removing the battery of your smartphone. Also there is a very good solution for your wet mobile is that by taking a bag of rice and getting your smartphone in it as quickly as possible and leave it for a day or two as the bag of rice absorbs the moisture. If you getting it longer than its better for your smartphone.



Overheating phone issue can be due to its hardware or software problem. You can resolve this issue by turning off your phone’s battery.  Or you can install the CPU drainage Apps that can be very useful for such kind of issue. It is very good if you avoid keeping your smartphone in non-breathable places also try to avoid stifling your smartphone in your pocket which will be very useful for your smartphone battery life.



Sometimes your smartphone camera is unexpectedly damage, broken or scratched then you can easily replace it. All you need is the old or broken DVD player. DVD player has a small tiny lens in it so replace the lens with your current phone camera lens.

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