With the new year comes the chance to try something new!

Short hairstyles inspired by the sleek, smooth bob of the sixties are the it hairstyles for the coming year.


Short hair cuts

If you always wanted to have short hair, then the perfect time is now to dare something new and to play with your hair style. There are many possibilities available. Either you can cut your hair yourself with a longĀ hair cutter, if you have the courage to do so. Cutting a haircut with a haircutting machine is not easy. The best and safest way for the perfect haircut, is the walk to the hairdresser of trust.

For modern and wonderful shorts, the year 2017 is undoubtedly the year.

The Simple Pixie Cut

The Simple Pixie Cut is rather young, which on the other hand can look incredibly feminine when applied correctly. This hairstyle is mainly for persons with more rounded, heart-shaped or oval faces. Highly pronounced cheekbones set a beautiful accent, which gives the face a natural expressive power and with the rarity of the Pixie Cut attracts even more attention.

The A-symmetrical Bob

The A-symmetrical Bob may sound odd, but it’s a miracle when it comes to framing your face and looking cool. This cut flatters flattering squares and circular faces, as he complimentes the face by drawing attention to the irregularly falling hair strands.

People with exceptionally striking facial features will love this haircut as these are emphasized and an incredibly supple hairstyle results.

The bob with beveled pony

This short bob requires round and heart-shaped faces, a clean cut with the pony being beveled over the eyes. This gives the hairstyle a dramatic touch, which can be easily varied through backward or sideways. For thin or naturally smooth hair, this hairstyle is very easy to style by briefly using the hair straightener and using a little hair to make it shine.

The shining bob

This shiny, short Bob flatters all face types. Coupled with a smooth part, the straight length of the side hairs gives a stylized effect, which looks simply stunning when you smooth your hair. You can even create thick curls with the flat iron and fix them with a hair spray to allow the hair to frame the face optimally.

Short hair cuts with the haircutting machine or better from the hairdresser?

This year is the season for short hair in women and men. You should be brave and try this trend. With different cuts and ways to style and present the hairstyles, you will have endless possibilities to vary your hairstyle to create a completely unique look. Pair your new look with bold appearance and a massive outfit and you can hardly go wrong! Except for cutting with the hair cutter. But that’s the nice thing about short hair. It grows relatively quickly again. So be courageous.