It’s an ever ongoing discussion for men (although women also like to participe in this discussion), do I use an electric razor or a razor blade for my morning shave? Some people prefer the ease of an electric razor, whereas others favor the smoothness delivered by a razor blade. In this blog post we’ll state both the advantages and disadvantages of each shaving method.

First of all, there is a big difference in the way both methods cut the hairs, as can be seen from the picture above. Both pictures are very close-up photos of a beardhair after it’s cut. The left picture shows a hair cut by a razor blade, the right picture shows a hair cut by an electric razor.


The picture above shows that using a razor blade will result in a more smooth skin, since the surface of the hair is cut off smoothly. Furthermore, hair shaved using a razor blade will grow back less quickly, so you might not need to shave again the morning after you have shaved yourself (and you still have a smooth and good looking face). With an electric razor, you will need to shave yourself every day to maintain your smooth look and feel of your facial skin.


Another advantage of using a razor blade is that shaving with a blade leads to a skin less irritated. Your facial skin is more relaxed when you use a blade, and therefore it will become less red and itchy (we all know that feeling, right?) after you finished your shave. Since with an electric razor you don’t use any water or foam, your skin is way more vulnarable to irritations, and you might have to scratch your non-existant beard a time or two after your shave.

There are also some disadvantages to using a blade to shave yourself. It takes more time and energy to use a blade. You’ll need to apply foam on your face, and you need to be around a source of water. You can use an electric razor everywhere, as long as the battery is not empty. A rough estimation is that shaving by using a blade costs twice as much time compared to shaving with an electric razor.

Another aspect is the costs. Compared to an electric shave, razor blade shaving is more expensive. You’ll need to buy new blades and new foam regularly, whereas you can use the same electric razor for a couple of years. How costly your shave is depends heavily on different variables like whether you choose a famous brand or not. But generally speaking, using a blade will be more expensive than using an electric razor.

Both ways of shaving have their advantages and disadvantages. It is a matter of personal preference whether you should use a razor blade or an electric razor. By taking the aspects mentioned above into account, you can make a good choice with regards to your shaving method, and your face can look smooth and nice every day :).