The $199 Nest Cam powerfulness is the best popular Wi-Fi safety camera today, but Samsung goals to knock it off its roost with the SmartCam HD Pro, a $209 camera that records video in packed 1080p. And above, Samsung’s camera deals a multitude of features, plus customizable motion-detection sectors, scheduled recordings and night visualization.



The SmartCam HD Pro consumes a smart cylinder-shaped design. The camera is about the dimension of a hockey puck, and sports a white plastic external with artificial chrome banding on the borders. Infrared LEDs for night-time vision around the 1080p camera at the topmost of the front section. A luminance device, which permits night vision if ambient light levels are too stumpy, is placed directly below the camera.


On the bottommost of the camera, there’s a micro SD card space for local video storing (up to 64GB) and a couple of speakers that let you communicate your voice through the mobile app. (You’ll need to purchase the micros card distinctly.) A microphone, RJ-45 Ether net port, audio-out port and power connector are positioned on the behind of the device.

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Evaluating just 4.7 x 3.3 x 3.1 inches, the Smart Cam HD Pro is impartially unremarkable equated to huge cameras like the Piper NV. When I positioned the camera on my ledge, for example, I hastily forgot it was there. Though, it’s superior to both the Net gear Arlo and the Nest Cam.



Setting up the Smart Cam HD Pro ascertained amazingly simple. I plugged the camera into the outlet, transferred the free Samsung Smart Cam mobile app from Google Play (an iOS form is offered on iTunes), and tracked the on-screen directions to generate an account and fix the camera to the wireless system.


Thanks to its incorporated Wi-Fi Direct technology — a Wi-Fi customary designed to let wireless devices connect with one another without a wireless access plug — the Smart Cam reflexively identifies nearby Wi-Fi networks. I just required selecting my network and writing the password. The complete setup procedure took just little minutes to complete from my cell phone.



The SmartCam HD Pro deals a collection of helpful features. Like supreme networked safety cameras, it will send you a push notification and routinely activate recording video if it detects motion or a brash noise. You can also connect the Smart Cam to your Google account, which allow the camera to send alarms to your email address and upload motion-detected portraits to your Google+ page as personal photos.

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Appropriately, the Smart Cam HD Pro doesn’t let you generate distinct security styles (such as At Home, away or On Holiday). Even though I could allow gesticulation and audio detection when I walked out of my flat, I would have esteemed the facility to choose, on the fly, the kind of initiation (motion or noise) and the type of alert (push notification or email) that I needed.


More unsatisfactory is the shortage of cloud storing for recorded video. While the Belkin Net Cam HD+, Net gear Arlo, Piper NV and Nest Cam all save video online, and the Smart Cam HD Pro rations motion-activated recorded video on a micro SD card. With a extreme volume of 64GB, the card will fill up rapidly if you’re catching video in 1080p.Curiously, videos recorded physically in the mobile app are kept online (although it’s not clear correctly where) and can be transferred to your mobile device.


You can remotely switch the Smart Cam HD Pro using additionally the Web comfort at or the mobile app. The latter is accessible for free on Google Play and iTunes, and needs at least Android version 2.3.3 or iOS 5.


The mobile app’s boundary is somewhat chunky. When you first log in, you’ll get a menu with tabs for Camera, Setup and about. In the System tab, you can design the alert settings (sound, vibrate or pop-up), accomplish your saved video clips and set the camera to mechanically show high-definition video.

The Camera tab shows a list of the cameras linked to your account, with a position icon to the leftward of each camera’s name and a menu button on the right. Selecting on the camera’s name opens a live video feeding with switches alongside the bottommost to physically record video and capture a snapshot; use the microphone; modify the video quality and brightness; and create motion zones.


The camera is skillful of night vision from a variety of up to 16 feet. Infrared video quality watched admirable, even with very slight ambient light. When I observed a live video feed of my flat at night with all of the lights off, I could simply see the books on my shelves and the clutter on the coffee table.

samsung-smartcam-hd-pro-front-640x427-c SmartCam-HD-Pro-Device-Right

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Hours of daylight video quality is correspondingly outstanding. Colors are vivacious and true to life and small information are openly noticeable. Full 1080p video on the computer looks principally fabulous related to competing cameras’ 720p footage. The camera coped well in both regular and artificial light.


For the utmost part, the mobile app and Web solace proved trustworthy. I intermittently experienced problems when I tried to distantly connect to the camera, but this might have been affected more by the quality of the local Wi-Fi network than the app itself. In any situation, finishing the application and then logging back in constantly fixed the matter.

Bottom Line

The Samsung Smart Cam HD Pro is an outstanding Wi-Fi security camera. For $169, it proposals crumbly and vibrant 1080p video, arranged footages and a very simple setup procedure. Additionally, pet owners will raise the value of that you can easily limit signal detection to certain zones in the camera’s pitch of view and adjust the compassion of the motion and audio device.


 Given the Smart Cam’s comparatively steep price, however, I would have expected it to include a more efficient mobile app and customizable security modes. Supplementary substandard is that Samsung doesn’t offer online storage for motion-activated recordings. In evaluation, the Netgear Arlo and the Nest Cam (both $199) offer subscription plans for retrieving footage in the cloud.

Even with these shortcomings, the Smart Cam HD Pro remainders one of the better networked security cameras available. If you’re searching for a device that’s easy to set up and shoots in full 1080p, the SmartCam must be at the first of your list.