Apple and Samsung are the two biggest companies in the world. It is unfair to compare Samsung Galaxy Note 5 with iPhone 6 Plus because both are great and both have drawbacks. Some says that the people with iPhones tend to keep their devices a lot longer than Android. And some says that the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 have more features as compared with iPhone 6 Plus. Currently, these two phones are the big guns in the market as these both continue to grow more popular.




Samsung Galaxy Note 5 was launched in August 2015. NOTE 5 is the best android phone available in current market.  Also, the still best ever phone made by Samsung. It is stylish, more comfortable & beautiful and some of its new features make NOTE 5 unique just like its weight, display size, Pen stylus, Camera & Processor. It takes good outdoor photos & has high-end hardware.

NOTE 5 have some great features;

S Pen Stylus is smoother in practice, truly never replaceable and automatically saves your work from time to time. S Pen also can markup PDFs in a jiffy. During working through Pen Stylus the Pen’s nib feel almost natural. It has different options in setting (fountain pen, calligraphy pen, pencil, brush etc).

Camera is 16 MP with Camera aperture f/1.9 lens and optical image stabilization. It has AMOLED screen with standard pro mode too.

Software has TouchWiz-ified version of Android 5.1.1. It has gigantic app icons with a larger display & a lighter touch. And you can see the two apps you have running in the Multi Window mode.  

If we go for its drawbacks then we find that;

  • No external storage option
  • No removable battery
  • S Pen Jamming Problem
  • Fast charging doesn’t always work
  • Also, the Samsung has deleted some of its last year features


Apple iPhone 6s Plus:

Apple iPhone 6s Plus was launched in September 2015. iPhone 6s Plus the most advanced ever iPhone that accepts a Nano-Sim and it runs the latest iOS 9 software. It is not very stylish but makes it unique through Apple iOS & unique colors. It has 3D touch display, bigger and higher resolution, panorama upto 43 megapixels and a better battery life. Also it has the most advanced ever Apple A8 chip & a slightly larger screen with fast performance. It is also the optical image stabilization.

iPhone 6s has some great features;

Technology & Performance of new Apple iPhone 6S improved to nearly 70% and almost 90% faster GPU performance. It is dual-core 1.4 GHz cyclone processor. iOS & A8 are together for the optimal performance that rocks the market. iPhone 6S support up to 23 LTE bands that is the most in any smartphone.

3D Touch is the force touch technology which is very useful for messaging or emails. Also it’s the most multi-faceted.

A9 introduces by Apple in its iPhone 6S which is yet the fastest chipset that can records even faster without effecting the battery life.

Display Screen is little bigger than the previous iPhone’s with IPS display which is excellent and rich. Its Resolution is upto 1920 x 1080 (401 ppi).

If we go for its drawbacks then we find that;

Previews were static

Price is too much high

Battery is non-removable & charging too long

Features are less available as compared with android devices



Some technical pecification chart below:


Samsung Galaxy Note 5 iPhone 6S Plus
Release Date August, 2015 September, 2015
Display Size 5.7 Inches 5.5 Inches
Resolution 2560 x 1440 (518 ppi) 1920 x 1080 (401 ppi)
3D Touch No Yes
Weight 171g 172g
Frame Metallic (Back=Glass) Metallic (Back=Metallic)
Color Gold




Space Gray



Display Type AMOLED IPS
Camera 16MP & 5MP front

Aperture f/1.9

12Mp & 5MP front

Aperture f/2.2

Processor Exynos 7420

Octa Core


2.1 FHz + 1.5GHz


Dual Core



Battery 3000 mAh 2915 mAh
Operating System Android Lollipop iOS 8 & iOS 9
Fingerprint Sensor Yes Yes
Internal Storage 32/64 GB 16/64/128 GB
Pen Stylus Yes No
Live Photos No Yes