The Samsung ATIV Book 9 is the product of Samsung Electronics Inc. ATIV Book 9 was introduced at CES in 2015. ATIV 9 Book is also included in the race of world thinnest laptop computers. It is thin and light weight just over 2 pounds. It has a great design with a beautiful and smart display. ATIV Book 9 has aluminum body that is highlighted by the streaks of silver. The great aluminum body represents the professional style and look. You can travel easily with ATIV Book 9. By the specification of this ATIV Book 9, it is much similar with the MacBook.




ATIV Book 9 has bright, smart and vivid LED display that has the resolution up to (3200 x 1800) with a lovely 12.2’’ super bright screen (350 Unit). It is also included a touch screen panel that can flips up to 180 degrees. Touch screen is 2.8 times sharper with true life color technology. Super Bright feature is the 75% brighter than the normal screen. So during the using of ATIV Book 9, yours eyes feel less tired and the screen can be viewed within 178 degree of angle.



It has black island-style keyboard with the keys spaced are much wider to prevent the mistyping.  The standard measurement of key is 1.6 mm with the weight of 60 grams. The keys also included the backlighting feature.



ATIV Book 9 is the 5th generation that has the Intel® Core™ M 5Y31 CPU with the storage capacity of 256 GB and the system memory of 8GB, so the Book can run smoothly and quickly. It included the windows 8.1 operating system that is pre-installed (upgrades to Windows 10). New ATIV Book 9 has the HD 5500 graphics that can handle the light gaming. It is having the seamless file sharing feature that allows sharing between ATIV Book 9, Galaxy smartphone and smart TV. It is also included the Wolfson WM5102 UHQA lossless audio player with great and clear audio sound.



It has also the feature to access the apps on your phone if needed with a program installed in ATIV Book 9 that can let you view or share your Galaxy’s smartphone or tablet’s screen on the Book 9. Samsung claims that its battery life is up to 12 hours and 30 minutes. ATIV Book 9 also included the security features. Such as to gain access on your Book 9, you can draw your finger on trackPad. It is also have the secret screen option; by enabling this option, the others cannot see your work, you can activate this feature by pressing Fn10.

samsung-ativ-book-9-plus-4 (1)


Samsung ATIV Book 9 is no doubt a stunning and stylish notebook which is worth to use it personally or professionally.  Also you can say that it is a good alternate to the MacBook. However, ATIV Book 9 has one short falls that its battery life. The ATIV Book 9 has almost 7 hours and 54 minutes battery life and also its runtime is not so good. ATIV Book 9 also has more ports to connect. Overall it is a great notebook with stylish look and having some advance features that is designed for versatility.