A Plane carrying footballer of Brazil soccer club has crashed. The plane was flying from Bolivia to Colombia to play final Copa South America club competition match. Almost 81 people, including Brazilian local soccer team were traveling in aircraft, there has been no official number of casualties, but getting the news around 6 people survived and 2 are footballers from them plane has crashed near the airport around 24mils away. The incident happened because of electrical failures municipalities.

_92706155_11avion72 passengers were on board and another was crewing the plane was disappeared on Monday night and founded today the civil aviation confirmed about the crashed. Chapecoense was the name of the local Brazilian football team, club and was reached first time in the final and there were confident to win this tournament unfortunate they lose their life that’s the sad news of their fans and for every football lover. Chapecoense had also travelled to Argentina as well. Colombia Gov rescuing the victims and mayor of the Medellin said we will rescue how much we can. Militants are struggling to rescue them with helicopters and other resources There is no official survivors report yet. Now Brazil has declared three days mourning after this tragedy.


_92706662_8f73ddc2-137f-4da9-a8d4-068c9701ad7dThe team was scheduled to play Wednesday a final against Atletico Nacional of Medellin and then they would return back on 7th of Dec. the aircraft name was lamia its Bolivian airline. The control tower operator said we captain had declared emergency failure, but suddenly it has lost control of the control tower and disappeared.