Whoever manages to stop smoking is able to prolong his life by an average of five to nine years.Just a few minutes after the last grip on the cigarette, the entire body benefits from the nicotine loss: both the internal organs such as the lung, the heart and the brain as well as the immune system and the skin recover almost completely. Here is a brief overview of the gradual detoxification of the body.

Effects on the internal organs

Ex-smokers can look forward to a much easier breathing after only one week. When climbing the stairs, the air is nowhere near as fast, and sporting activities are now easier. The tar, which has settled in the lungs, however, is only gradually reduced. Until the mucus is coughed is about six months. Since more oxygen is pumped through the body shortly after the last cigarette, the risk of suffering a heart attack already decreases after one day. The new, smokeless life also affects the brain: since the nicotine is completely broken down one to two hours after the last move, the nicotine receptors in the brain are gradually starved. After just two weeks the urge for a cigarette is almost completely overcome.


Positive effects on skin and senses

The healthier way of life also makes itself visible on the outside very quickly: the skin gets better blood circulation and the complexion is now much healthier and fresher. Also unpleasant cigarette smell disappears completely. If the skin has already aged prematurely and the connective tissue slackened due to yearly or decade-long smoking, however, nicotine discarding will not help: these are irreversible long-term effects. Ex-smokers can already look forward to completely new taste and smell experiences after only a few days, since these senses recover themselves very quickly through the cigarette.