Windows 10 was officially released by Microsoft on July 29, 2015 & it is the part of Windows NT family of operating systems. For the adaption of Windows 10, Microsoft encourage to announced that during the first year of Windows 10, it is made free of charge to the users who already have genuine editions of Windows 7 or Windows 8.1.




We can say that the Windows 10 is the first step of the new generation of windows. Approximately 1.5 billion people in every county are using Windows 10. The Windows 10 also introduce the Task View that is the window and desktop management feature which is also called the Virtual desktop system. It is also included the Microsoft Edge web browser which is supportable for fingerprint and face recognition login features. Windows 10 is compatible with many Microsoft devices such as Microsoft mobiles, computers, laptops, tablets & gaming devices etc.

FRESH START MENU with the new and stylish look that can be customizable if you want to add some of your favorite apps or anything else. These can also be resized and moved around.


MULTIPLE DESKTOPS is the great feature that the Windows 10 has. You can create multiple desktops for different purposes or projects and you can switch easily between these desktops.


TASK VIEW BUTTON is the quick way for switching your open files and folders etc.

WINDOWS SNAP feature first introduced in Windows 7 but not it is upgraded in Windows 10. The new windows snap feature has four apps snapped on same screen with new quadrant layout. This could be very handy for the monitoring purpose.

CORTANA is the Microsoft virtual assistant. It can be useful for notifying thins. Cortana can be handled some of your housekeeping duties. If you have microphone on your Windows 10 device then you can just say “Hey. Cortana” then she will wait for your further instructions.

FILE EXPLORER enhancement is a bit makeover. So you can have a quick access to your pin folders or files. Your important things can be permanently pinned to quick access by selecting Add to the Quick Access. Also you can unpin the unnecessary things from the Quick access.


TABLET MODE feature to change screen into Table Mode option. In Tablet mode option, the start menu becomes the start screen and Apps appear on full screen. The taskbar becomes friendly in the tablet mode option.


Windows 10 also included much more features. It is fast, stylish, very friendly and attractive. Windows 10 is famous and it is using in many faces like from kids to olds, from students to professionals, from engineers to doctors, from professional to unprofessional & many more.