Microsoft’s Weird Keyboard Could Be iPhone’s Best

In the event that you think that its baffling to sort on your iPhone 6s Plus with one hand, an up and coming Microsoft application could calm your hardships. The organization is conveying its Word Flow console to iOS, and with it a cool, bended one-gave mode.



The Word Flow console has been accessible for Windows Phones for some time, however its one-gave mode was just a minimized rendition of the rectangular format docked to either side of the screen. In the event that pictures from The Verge turn out to be exact, the iOS rendition of the application will include a circular segment molded format based on either corner of the base of the showcase.


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This fanned design puts each letter inside simple span of your thumb, without you stretching too far to achieve the most remote letters, while as yet holding plentiful space for individual keys. This format has obviously been in progress for quite a long time, with giving an account of its advancement in 2012.

The Word Flow application will likewise bring other Microsoft treats, for example, its precise prescient content motor, swipe writing and emojis, to other working frameworks. By Verge, Word Flow is relied upon to touch base on iOS “in the coming months,” while an Android form is normal in the not so distant future.