The Apple Watches are the smart watches that were developed by Apple Inc. These were announced on September 9, 2014 by Tim Cook. Apple smart watches are compatible with the latest iOS technology and It has a clever interface.  They can be run through the use of Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.


apple-watch-ftApple smart watches was introduced with the goal that to free the people from their phones. That was a brilliant idea that was introduced by the Apple Inc. All the necessary Apps that were downloaded or the part of the mobile devices are accessible through the smart watches. Apple has sold approximately 7 million iWatches.


Apple iWatch is just like an iPhone on your wrist. It is stylish, unique, fantastic, well-constructed, mostly square shaped and more probably it seems mini iPhone. It has the fantastic technology like force touch screen option.  You can read emails, and receive phone calls from the Apple wrist watch. If you don’t want to miss your important phone calls or messages than the Smart watch is the best option for you. For example, when someone is calling then you feel the one sequence of taps and when you feel a pulse on your wrist it means that you received a text message. And if keep your wrist up then the messages was displayed and keeping wrist down then the message stays unreadable. Different kind of sounds and taps describe the different notifications that appeared on your iWatch.



The mesmerizing Apple iwatches have three variations and come in 2 different sizes 38mm (1.5 Inches) and 42mm (1.7 Inches). 42mm model is more expensive than the 38mm model. iWatch has a touch screen with OLED display and a force touch technology and has new features and new apps.

The iWatches are available in almost 34 different straps with different faces and with upto 8 GB storage. Digital crown option is built in the iWatches which has a mini scroll wheel that can allow zoom in and out. Maps app is one of the best feature that will take back to the home screen while tapping. The Apple watches are featured with the health and fitness sensors kit that will be very useful for measuring the heart rate and for notification alerts also it can count calories.


The iWatches are a little expensive. The iWatches has a small and tiny display so you cannot watch the YouTube videos, and also it has the tiny keyboard that you will face difficulty in writing messages or posting or commenting on any social websites. No matter how many great and new features these iWatches have, but at the end these iWatch needs your iPhone to do most of the things. Or it needs to be in Bluetooth range or it can connect over Wi-Fi. Its battery only lasts a day or a little more than a day. The iWatches also missed many key apps that are necessary.