Every women wants to start with using make up at one point and at that point you have absolutely no idea how to use make up. How much should you put on? What should you use? Where do you start? In this article you can find easy tips to start with wearing make up.

1.Always start with a clean, hydrated skin. It is important that you removed all the old make up to keep your skin in a good condition.
2.Use concealer and/or foundation to create a flawless skin. Do not put on to much, you don’t want people to notice you have a layer of foundation on your skin. Just put enough to cover up your irregularities. After you put on the foundation, you finish it of with a transparent (white) or skin color powder. That way your skin won’t be shiny



3.Always use two colors of eyeshadow. This way you can create a depth on your eyelid. One of the colors should be a light color and the other one a darker one, they obviously should match. The light color you use for the inner corner of your eyelid and on your brow bone. The darker one you use for your crease and maybe for your lower lashes.


4.You can use lipstick or lip gloss. If you accentuate your eyes the most, then use a light color lipstick or only a lip gloss. If you want your lips to shine, then use a bright color for your lips, but don’t put on to much eye make up if you want your lips to shine.
5.Shape your eye brows in the form you want them. You can make them really thin, or keep their natural shape. To accentuate them, you can use a eyebrow pencil. That way your look will appear a lot stronger.
6.To accentuate your eyes, you can use eyeliner. You could make a line next to your upper lashes, that way your eyes will look more intense. To make it easier, you can also use dark eye shadow to make the dark line next to your upper lashes. To make it more playful, you can also use a colored eye pencil or eye liner to accentuate your eyes. Choose a color that fits with your eye color.images

7.For highlighting your cheeks, you can use blush. For the first time, you should go for a light colored blush with a matt finish. This type of blush gives warmth to your cheeks and will show your cheekbone. If you want to go for a more balder choice, you could go for a brighter color or a blush with shimmer in it.
8.If you remove your make up, you need to use more then only water. Water is not enough to remove your make up and clean your skin. Use a special cleaner for your skin. Every skin type desires a different cleaner, so check what type of skin you have to choose the right cleaner. Make sure it isn’t only a cleaner for your skin, but it also removes make up. As said in the first one, you should always start with a clean skin before you put on make up.
9.After a while you get the hang of using make up, you will get used to put on foundation, eye liner and lipstick. At that point it can be fun to experiment with different looks and materials. This way you get more experience and you will learn what suits your face and what doesn’t. You can find a ton tutorials on YouTube or on beauty blogs. This way you can get inspired by others and they will also teach you how to create that look.

If you follow all this tips, you will be a pro in using make up in no time! Check out our website for more beauty tips!