With winters upcoming, the much expected Khaadi Winter Collection 2016 Volume 1 has also been launched. The collection contains of a fury of attractive designs, available in stores and online. Just like every well-known clothing brand, Khaadi is likewise offering an appealing range of assemblages to don this winter season.

Khaadi’s Winter Collection comprises shades of cotton, viscose, floral, batik and khaddar prints. The clothes feature Khaddar and Cotton Polyester Viscose suits of superior quality. Particular unstitched suits are two-piece although others have a three piece range. Plain printed shirts alongside with embroidered khaddar material are also accessible.


The collection has been designed about different themes this season making the fashionable collection stand out from the rest. There are flowery prints along with bold and beautiful patterns.

The inclusive price range for the Khaadi Winter Collection 2016 ranges from PKR 1600 to PKR 7000.
The themes for Khaadi Winter Collection 2016 Volume 1 are listed below;
• A Frenzy of Patterns
• Looking to our Heritage
• Romping in Floral
• Winter Huess
• Ode to Flora
• Prints of Persia
• Wrap Yourself in Floral
• Batik Prints Suffused with Ethnic Accents
• There’s Something About Ikat
A Frenzy of Patterns
Let’s have a look at Khaadi Winter Collection 2016 volume 1- The Fury of Patterns below:

Khaadi-Winter-Collection-2015-Frenzy-of-Patterns-2     Khaadi-Winter-Collection-2015-Frenzy-of-Patterns-11     Khaadi-Winter-Collection-2015-Frenzy-of-Patterns-12
The theme deals unstitched two- piece in print khaddar shirt and shalwar with the price range of PK Rs 1600.
Looking to our Tradition
The theme deals unstitched two- piece printed khaddar shirt and dupatta at a price of Rs1900.

Romping in Florals
The theme offers unstitched two-piece shirt and shalwar with printed cotton polyester viscose at a price of PK Rs 1,750.
Winter Hues
The theme deals a unstitched three- piece shirt and shalwar with embroidered khaddar woolen shawl at PK Rs 7000
Ode to Flora
The theme deals unstitched, cotton embroidered polyester viscose shirt with shalwar and chiffon dupatta at rupees of PK Rs 4,900 to 5,700.
Patterns of Persia
The theme deals unstitched three- piece printed khaddar shirt and shalwar with khaddar dupatta at rupees of 2,200.
Wrapping Yourself in Florals
This theme offers unstitched two-piece embellished cotton polyester viscose shirt with shalwar at a price range of PK Rs 2,500.
Batik Prints Infused with Tribal Accents
This theme deals unstitched three- piece shirt with shalwar and khaddar dupatta in embroidered khaddar at PK Rs 3,200.
There’s something about Ikat
The aforementioned theme offers unstitched two-piece, embroidered khaddar shirt and shalwar at Rs 1750.
The expressions of Khaadi, Sadaf Kanwal and Saadia Khan have featured in the Khaadi Winter Collection Volume 2016.
It can be noted that the Khaadi Winter collection 2015-2016 Capacity 1 does not contain of silk, wool dresses, velvet or corduroy. Few of the dresses are available with a wool shawl that will retain one warm and stylish this season.