A smartphone is a mobile phone that has advanced operating system. It includes advanced computing capability and the features of the cell phone such as web browsers, high resolution touchscreens, pocket video camera, GPS direction finding items etc. A touchscreen is a function that is free of stylus, keyboard or typical keypads. For the main means of interactions, a touchscreen is the direct finger input.




APPLE Inc. introduces the first multi-touch smartphone in 2007. And this great invention of APPLE INC. made a great and very useful impact in the field of smartphones.After one year, HTC introduced its first phone HTC Dream to use the Android operating system. One more thing that, HTC claims that HTC has made such phones far longer than Apple.


iOS is the operating system (OS) was familiar as “iPhone OS” which is used in Apple’s devices. “iOS” was first time introduced in 2007. “iOS” has some up-to-the-minute & elite features that makes iOS different & stylish as compared with others operating systems, such as; 3D touch, iCloud drive app, Battery, Safari browser, Firefox browser and many more. Apple announced its latest version iOS 9.x on June 8, 2015. iOS enhances its stock applications and its devices from time to time that are upgraded or added through the iOS latest versions.



Android is a Google’s Linux-based operating system for mobile and tablets. Android phones are actually containing very customizable factors which can alter device interface according to your taste and need. In Android phones user need to create a Google account or can continue with an existing one. There are lot of companies that are manufacturing the Android phones Like as Samsung, Sony, Asus, Huawei, LG, Motorola, HTC and ZTB. Google’s Android operating system’s version history began with the first release of android version 1.0 in November 2007. After releasing Android version 1.2, Google have been developed their next versions under some specific codes & themed names. Until we have most recent update is Android 6.0 Marshmallow.



It’s a little confusing when you are deciding between an iPhone and an Android because both smartphones are included with latest features and with stylish design and look. It is totally depend on you that which one feels best in your hand or suit with your personality. It is also depend when buying a smartphone what kind of features you needed most, just as a great camera, big screen, more storage etc. Both kinds of smartphones run latest Apps, play movies, can take high resolution pictures and videos and they both got the high speed internet. Every major feature or App that is included in the Apple devices has an equivalent feature on Android devices and vice versa.


If you want mobile payment then you can use Apple Pay or Google Wallet. If you want Smartwatch connectivity then there are Apple Watches and Android Watches. And if you need the In-car infotainment controls then there are CarPlay and Android Auto. Now a day, most of the smartphones are coming with wireless carriers which is the inclusive addition that are also included with easy payments plans.


One thing is sure that you have endless amount of choices when you choose an Android phone. No matter if you want a phone with smaller screen or bigger, normal display or HD display, good camera phone or normal etc. But if you planning to buy an iPhone then you have hardly 3 or 4 options for smaller or bigger phone. The internal hardware or some basic specs are same on a model to model basis.

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