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Rumors for IPhone 7 are already flying, maybe the year of 2016 could be when Apple going to announce the revolutionary upgrade of its flagship Smartphone Family. This step towards IPhone 7 is going to be absolutely new & fresh on y      our table. Many rumors has been surfaces with what Apples big inventing  concept could be like, but whatever we about to see that soon will surely be something awesome with more entertaining features.


Let’s have a look about our new IPhone 7 Specs:

Seriously, No Headphone Jack?


The concept of having no headphone 3.5mm jack which comes obvious in about every smartphone, popping up all over the browsing. The choice of this design may come with thinner IPhone. It really feels hard to use any smartphone without headphone jack but maybe users would be force to rely on Bluetooth, lightening port or an adaptor. As we are concerned for the latest thin it can be like MacBook one port function by which Apple can make their device slim and simplify for their users.

Killer Specs of New IPhone 7.


The concept of IPhone 7 featured an edge to edge retina display of 4.7 inches (called the IPhone 7) and 5.5 inches (Called the IPhone 7 Plus). If Apple will launch another 4 inch iPhone probably it’ll be called mini IPhone 7. We are expecting this launch in September 2016.


In the Camera section IPhone 7 would come with 16-mega pixels, containing an 8-element lens which is able to shoot video in 4k & having 100fps slo-mo clips recording capacity. Don’t think these features are too much because you will be pleased to experience a 5-megapixel front facing camera.

R.I.P Home Button


The Upcoming IPhone 7 rumors rounded up which has seriously amazing hints & clues about the next upcoming IPhone 7 detail. Apple may shed its standard icon home button due to the 3D touch technology. In this case Apple should have some more creative ideas for the touch ID finger scanning implementation. This thing would allow the broader, bezel-less display for our next IPhone 7.

Water Proof Design


There is a lot of interesting features in Spec department. According to a report by TrendForce we are expecting a waterproof designed IPhone. By with many Samsung rugged Galaxy users could away and can be a Apple family member.

Wireless Charging


The Wireless charging feature IPhone should have in upcoming model, which Apple users still doesn’t have experienced. WiPower, the technology company has ability to charge devices up to 22 watts which is comparatively faster than other wireless charging technologies. So we expecting Apple to have this feature without ditching IPhone’s metal back.

It is going to be very interesting to see when Apple going to reveal Iphone7. After all, IPhone 6 considered the best used capability of what a smartphone can do, but here we  are dealing with one and only Apple. So, it will be surely a surprise and pleasant upcoming change.