Whether the discussion leans towards being disease-free or towards fostering a healthy body and mind, the concept of healthy living is now more popular than ever before. The general consensus is that today is as good a day as any to make a conscious decision to action positive, healthy changes in our every day lives.

Food as Fuel for the Body and Mind


Studies have shown that healthy eating, integrated into a healthy lifestyle where sleep and exercise are developed into a day-to-day routine, yields positive personal advances towards a longer and happier life.

Health experts suggest a healthy eating plan which remains similar, although not necessarily exact, every day. Eating a balanced breakfast is known to trigger the metabolism and give the body the tools that are needed in order to fuel the body and mind throughout the day. Portion control is an easy way in which to make sure that the body is not overloaded with calories, which may, in turn, make the body sluggish and eventually prone to weight gain.


Hydration and Moderation

Favourite foods can, of course, still be enjoyed; however, the key is moderation. One should also listen to the body and be able to identify the difference between hunger and thirst. Water is fundamental in assisting the body in remaining hydrated. The fact that water contains zero calories makes it the ultimate choice in fighting obesity, depression and lethargy in general.

Healthy tips to keep in mind would be to understand the make up of foods and to steer clear of heavily processed options, which are loaded with salts and unnecessary carbohydrates. Incorporating whole foods into your diet is also suggested. These foods typically do not contain carbohydrates or salts. Examples include unpolished grains, fruits, vegetables and animal protein products such as meat and non-homogenised dairy products.

Getting Some Solid Sleep

Solid, deep sleep is imperative in order for the body to regenerate cells and restore health settings. Studies have suggested anything from 6 to 8 hours of good quality sleep for a grown adult. A busy mind can be a person’s biggest enemy when it comes to achieving this quality deep REM sleep. Tips to consider would be to create a bedroom which can be made dark and quiet and, of course, comfortable. The lead up to bedtime should be peaceful so that the body and mind can begin unwind. Cutting out caffeine from your diet can also help to regulate the body’s sleep pattern.

Having an ongoing conversation with a health practitioner is very import in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Periodical medical advice from a practitioner in your area as a precautionary measure can add years to one’s life and save a fortune in medical bills due to undiagnosed medical conditions.