It’s not sufficient for a smart watch just to have a lot of cool functions. It’s become to look drivable as a watch, too. The Huawei Watch mergers form and function healthier than its bumpy predecessors, and looks like a stylish, traditional watch that you’d see on a boss of an Affluence 500 company. Initial at $349, this Android Wear smart watch come from in sufficiently of luscious schemes and also deals a loud display, lengthy battery life and a heart-rate device. Also you can pair it with an iPhone, even though you’re limited in what you can do.




  • Smart, classy looks
  • Lively, high-pitched display
  • Works with iOS
  • Perfect heart-rate monitor.


  • Costly for Android Wear watch
  • Limited app variety compared with Apple Watch


With a black leather skin band and glossy stainless-steel look, the Huawei Watch expressions every single bit like a traditional watch. The wearable’s classy good looks were met with complimentary oohs and ahs from my friends, specifically when its look was on, as they were astonished that it was a smartwatch.

The Huawei’s round 1.4-inch touch screen is bigger than the Moto 360 2nd generation (1.37 inches),

1.3-inch LG Watch Urbane

1.3-inch Apple Watch displays (But smaller than the upcoming Pebble (1.5 inches).

Weigh up 2.13 ounces, (the Huawei Watch is heftier than the 1.76-ounce Apple Watch) (refined stainless-steel case in 42mm size) and the feather-light Grit Time Round (0.9 ounces), but lighter than the heavy 3.28-ounce Moto 360 (2nd gen) and the LG Watch Urbane (2.3 ounces).

Apple’s device has a quadrangular screen, which isn’t as appealing to many fashion-forward shoppers.


I valued the Huawei Watch’s lively, round, 1.4-inch 400 x 400 amole display. It was easy to read everything from notifications to weather forecasts on the watch face from every position.

Huawei watch: high class high cost, has designed one of the shrillest smart watch screens around, creating photo wallpapers and images of my connections look crusty. Its 400 x 400 resolution suitably hits the Apple Watch 272 x 340, the fresh Motorola 360 (360 x 330) and the LG Watch Urbane (320 x 320). The Grit Time Round has a smaller amount bright e-paper display and a mere 180 x 180 pixels.

The watch darkens after a few seconds of idleness, and when you must Always-On mode initiated, it will show the time in a lowered state, which is also easy to see in sunlight. After 30 minutes of idleness, however, it will still go to sleep even if you don’t want it to ─ a new condition of Google’s operative system. In conception, all it takes to rouse the screen is bracing the watch and rotating your wrist. Though, this occasionally took several attempts to turn it on. It was also a little too subtle, turning the screen on when I encouraged my arm from side to side. Forget about inconspicuously side-glancing at your watch to check the time throughout a boring meeting or a blind date gone wrong.
Android Wear

Power-driven by a 1.2-GHz Snapdragon 400 CPU and 4GB of storage with 512MB of RAM, the Huawei Watch supplied an even Android Wear 5.1.1 experience.

The updated OS software now supports gesticulation navigation, letting you riffle your wrist to scroll over your notifications, Wi-Fi connectivity and emoji answers to messages. It doesn’t take excessively much of a riffle to activate a scroll, but the watch proceeds about a second to reply. I found stealing the watch face a much easier way to navigate over warnings.

The Wi-Fi competency is the maximum pleasing to me, because it frees you from having to be hitched to your phone to catch notifications on your watch, counting things like text messages.


Every time a notification derives in, the watch beats momentarily, and you can lift your wrist to read the message. On each card, you can slog to the left to retort or dismiss it, or open the app on your phone.

Android Wear supports notifications from numerous apps, with Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, Tinder and its own Gmail and Hides.


iOS Compatibility

The Android watches to work with iOS, the Huawei Watch are owsum news for iPhone owners all over the place who are more seriously dependent on Google services.

When paired with an iPhone, the Huawei Watch sends notifications for incoming calls and messages, such as from apps as well as Hangouts, Gmail and Facebook. You can block particular apps from sending notifications to the watch.

The iOS version of the Android Wear app doesn’t let you see companionable watch apps or takings a screenshot, in collaboration of which you can do on the Android version of the app.

Battery Life

The wearable’s 300-MAH battery is actual to next up to two days, and on my first charge, it happened that target. Consequently, the watch clocked about a day and a half of use before conking out.

Price and Configurations

Our division of the Huawei Watch is the $349 immoral model that comes from with a stainless-steel face and black leather strip. Huawei moreover offers bands prepared of stainless-steel lattice and link for $50 more, and a black stainless-steel face with a black stainless-steel link band price $449.


At the topmost of the price range are Huawei’s rose gold stainless-steel faces that price $699 with a chocolate brown leather strip, or $799 with a rose gold-plated stainless-steel link band.

A series of 18mm bands are offered from $80 to $170.

Bottom Line

The Huawei watch looks and feels like an graceful, traditional watch, and the enhanced Android Wear creates it easier to use than of age smart watches. Its vivid display is easy to read everyplace, and its battery long last enough that you don’t have to be fettered to an outlet. If you’re eager to live with Android Wear’s confines and you place a best on design, the Huawei Watch is a very good option over all.