In US many times guns control issues has been reached many times to the Nation’s high court. One major example that can be seen is between District of Columbia and Heller. As there was already another amendment had been done but now it is revised in the second Amendment and news is covering what sort of gun laws will be applied this time and how these will be better and show improvements. As this sit in began Lewis said millions of people have already lost their loved once due to gun control and low check and balance of its security. They also clarify that these guns should be sold only to those who are natives of US. While suspected of being foreigner terrorists should not have the right to buy or hold the guns. Moreover john Lewis, The representative cleared that this struggle is not for some time period like few days or months or decades but it is for the future of living being. Question that is now cause of major focus of incidents that are occurring since many years in united states is which type of instrument is being used in types of gun as AR15 sort of rifles has been seen being used in mass shooting in schools and in night bars.



Despite the end of sit it protests at the House of Representatives over guns we have seen not much better results. Although repeatedly efforts had been made for gun control but all in vain, and a worse result of mass shooting at schools in California and Newtown has been seen. People are looking forward the attention and response of democratic lawmakers while they merely ended a sit-in protest that was against the misuse of guns and gun rights. On the other hand this is very vague to say a Muslim or a guaranteeing allegiance to Islamic state openly shot forty nine people in Orlando at nightclub that was for gay as Muslims does not support this act and do not accept the laws made on this. If people are going to be killed like this every year due to low gun control what US government can do to ensure their people about national security they are providing to them. So this is much alarming for United State government as gun control & rights is becoming a big issue with respect to their politics and culture.Because gun control bid seems to be falter in congress while on Thursday there sit in was ended related to Gun rights and control issue.