I will address one of the common problems any smartphone owner may bump into–not being able to connect to the mobile data network. In this case, however, I will talk the problem with the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 that can’t connect to an LTE network.

This post will tackle the problem sent by one of our readers who informed his Note 4 doesn’t display the 4G LTE icon and consequently, he can’t join to the internet if not connected to a Wi-Fi network. He indicated that his service provider is Lycamobile in the United States but if you have the similar problem but on dissimilar provider, the troubleshooting procedures I used here will work for you as well.



For buyers who are not actually into technology, here’s a twosome of reasons why you need to address this issue instantly…

  • If your phone cannot connect to a mobile data network, you can’t send and get MMS or picture messages and…
  • You can’t join to the internet if there’s no Wi-Fi network in range.


Although we want to fix the problems of our readers, we don’t suggest things that we know could possibly destroy their phones if done imperfectly. Therefore, for those more problematical issues please see a specialist who can physically examine the phone. Remember, we are establishing our troubleshooting on what our readers say about their problems.

Now, going back to our subject, here are some stepladders you may follow to troubleshoot this problem…


Not being able to connect to the internet over mobile data network isn’t actually a serious problem. So, instead of jumping instantly into some complicated troubleshooting processes, why don’t you reboot your phone first and see if that fixes the problem.

If you were capable to connect via mobile data before this problem, maybe it’s just a glitch or something. Minor glitches and system clashes can straightforwardly be fixed by a reboot.


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Mobile data require to be enabled so your phone can connect to the linkage. So, if the 4G LTE or any other data icons don’t show, possibly it’s restricted. To verify if it’s allowed or not, follow these…

  • From the Home screen, tap the Apps icon.
  • Tap Settings.
  • Beneath the Wireless and linkages section, touch other networks.
  • Touch Mobile networks.
  • Now tap Mobile data to enable it if it’s disabled.

Now that you’ve confirmed mobile data is enabled, try to see if the 4G LTE icon shows. If not, then continue with your troubleshooting.

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The Access Point Name (APN) is a set of letterings that allow your phone to connect to the mobile data network of your service supplier. If some characters don’t match with the defaulting settings, then your phone can’t become data service. Confirm if the APN in your phone still imitates with that of Lycamobile…

  • By the Home screen, tap the Apps icon.
  • Hit Settings.
  • Beneath the Network connections sector, touch other networks.
  • Touch Mobile networks and then Access Point Names.

The next are the APN information provided by Lycamobile over its website. Entirety not mentioned must use nonattendance ideals…

  • APN– data.lycamobile.com
  • Username: leave this field blank
  • Password: leave this field blank

If the settings in your phone don’t imitate with these, then try to edit them if that creates a difference. If not, then there’s no extra option but to…


Main, you must confirm your account is allowed to use data and that there are no blocks. A representative can tell you correctly what the status of your account is.

Secondly, try to verify if the APN in your phone is correct. If not, then the rep is pleased to give you the accurate one, in fact, he/she is obliged to walk you through in setting the APN active in your phone and make it work.

Lastly, authenticate if you’re in an area where this 4G coverage. If not, then you have no another option but to use 3G to connect to the internet via mobile data. Change mode by following these steps…

  1. By the Home screen, tap the Apps icon.
  2. Hit Settings.
  3. Under the Network connections section, touch more networks.
  4. Touch Mobile networks and then Network mode.
  5. Try using WCDMA / GSM and if that works, shift back to LTE / WCDMA / GSM.

After you’ve tracked all the steps and your internet service still won’t work, you should manage with your service provider to get the problem sorted out because first, it is more likely a network-related problem and next, if it were a phone problem, they can send you a replacement unit that works.