These days its desire of everyone to look handsome ,pretty and charming this is all because they want to get attention of their love once or they want to show different from others. To fulfill such purpose it is quite necessary to look slim and have a controlled weight and waist. Although it requires a lot of struggle if you gain your weight too fast and now I will tell you some tips to keep you maintain your weight or decrease weight accordingly. Once it is done you have will be having a good physic and lovely body language so you can easily get attract your target

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  • Daily run for at least 15 minutes at the speed of not more than 12-15 km/hour. This is the condition when you just want to keep under control your body weight but if you want to burn your calories faster and then you will have to run fast and work harder. It may also include working physically 6-8 hours a day and also you should do exercise for 20-30 minutes a day continuously then you will see how rapidly it provided you better results. Must keep one thing in mind do not eat too much food at any time when you are following these instructions
  • Try to sleep for 6-8 hours but not more than this time period. Do not eat before sleeping and after you wake up take lemon into water simply, but if you live at any place where temperature is too low or weather is cold then you should mix lemon with honey or green tea. Take antioxidant food before sleep and after getting up.
  • If you feel that you have sort of stomach issues then you should choose pomegranate juice in your routine as it is very good for health. Another thing that is really very helpful for better performance of stomach is Papaya. It is also very good for diabetic patients. All of these things are beneficial for health.Lose-weight-healthy-trendystuff
  • At the fourth stage if you are not getting results and still annoyed by your current personality so you should now become vegetarian and rely merely vegetables and fruits for many days like 90-120 days. Another option is to drink as much as you want but do not hard stuff that causes struggle for your stomach but do not apply this technique for so long time.
  • At this step you should choose vegetables like parsley, Broccoli, Cabbage and cucumber. Grand all of these vegetables you can add some of honey or lemon according to your taste in it. Take a glass of these mixtures in morning and in evening or best is to drink it when you are going to sleep. It is very effective and you will see results in few days.

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All of the mentioned above tips are very easy and have a powerful effect in losing weight or controlling increasing weight speed. Also very good for improvement in your health and definitely have no side effect. You can apply this whenever you want and surely results will be positive and in few days