There are many unfortunate things that can lead us to accidentally deleting texts messages which you considered dear- one wrong move make you regret so hard. But nothing is lost!

Every deleted text messages get disappeared from your inbox and temporarily saved in some virtual space. Although we cannot see them but we can regain them by connecting computer with any data recovery program.  So you must have to grab your phone and computer fast because if any app updation, file downloading or similar would apply then recovery of deleted text messages wont be able to do so. By the way, call logs and contacts can also be recovered which most devices supported like Sony, Motorolla, Htc, Samsung, LG and some (7)


So, how to recover deleted text message in your android phone are no more big deal!!

Tools to recover messages


We have new different Pc and Mac based tools available which essentially work similarly: like scan the device memory, identify and recover your deleted stuff. In which some are free and some costs money.

Recover deleted messages with Android Data Recovery

Make sure your mobile battery should be 20% before you start your deleted stuff recovery.  Connect Device to the Pc.

download (8)


To deal with different Android phones recovery process will also be different. So to make an ease for you, given below pictures can help you out.

-for Android 5.0: Go to ‘Settings’ > ‘About Phones’ > tap ‘Build Number’ seven times for ‘You are now a developer’ signal then move to ‘Settings’ > ‘developer options’ > on ‘USB debugging’.

-for Android 4.2: Same like Android 5.0 follow until under developer mode then tap ‘Settings’ > ‘developer options’ > ‘USB debugging’.

-for Android 3.0: Move to ‘Settings’ > ‘Developer Options’ > ‘USB debugging’.

-for Android 2.3: Enter ‘Settings’ > ‘Development’ > ‘USB debugging’.

Tick files which needs to restore.


After finishing step 2 software will asks you to tick for what you wants to scan then next click allow to starts the scan.



If we have root the device then the software will grant authority to start scanning. Then allow on your phone and keep continue.


Now you will see the final detail in a window appearing on your screen which shows you your selected messages preview on right side. Tick your messages and click recover to restoring in your pc.