Today in this competitor world, it is progressing very rapidly and it has become now everyone’s need to make better decisions that can lead to success but what does it requires from our side to do. There are multiple things that are compulsory to be SMART and make SMART decisions. Memory is divided into 2 categories short term and long term memory, we have a lot of information in our short term memory that we see, deals with and keeps in our mind for short time period this can vary from some seconds to some hours or few days, but what we do have in our long term are usually resides in our mind until we are alive, or at least for some decades.



There is a lot of information that is linked with our personal relations to public relations, we in our routine life usually remembers such information for our frequent use but forget to use knowledge that we have gained through books and valuable and knowledgeable sources. This is because the issue in our learning. Now I will tell you why this knowledge is not accessible on time when needed, the reason behind is that we are only able to call the knowledge that we have recently gained (short term) or on what we are currently working. Major issue comes here when we are not able to access our long term knowledge; the reason behind this is due to lack of weak connection between our brain cells that store information, the facts is more the repetition or the greater the novelty of occurrence of any information or pack of words the more strong bond or storage power and so more easy to recall this information on time when needed.


Most important thing while you are building up your memory is to try to best store it at long term memory that could be done by repeating as much as possible but the knowledge or information that you want to keep in your mind is according to your desire so it is very easy thing for you guys that you always wanted to do. If you are good in memory and you are capable of storing more information so you are surely going to have a good IQ as well, because there is more knowledge so more analyzing capability as well. Same as if quality and up to date or latest knowledge more you are successful in your society. Hence, making decisions this way are going to help you out in every aspect of your life because some decisions are only for time being while many others have a large impact on our lives as we represents many different selves in our routine and decisions are based with them similarly. Although sometimes heuristic decisions are helpful when there is lack of time and we use rule of thumb just to reach an efficient decision this is also due to our long term memory beliefs that we have in our mind.

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Any case memory plays a very important role in making routine and specific decisions so memory should be big and full of accurate information only.