Hey folks, Hope so you will be doing good. If not  I am going to give you the solution for your worries, first of all get calm and relaxed then get your phone either it is Android or Apple. If signal issue occurring I will try my best that you get resolved here within minutes and without paying any sort of money to anyone.

Android Mobiles that Cause Note Registered on Network or No signal issue; and how to resolve this issue



If You are using Samsung Galaxy S4,S5,S6,S7 or edge that has been introduced in the very previous years.These phones many times show the problem of not registered on network and also Samsung note series has been such android phones that show the same problem up to 70% have complained in this regard in note II series.

So First of all there are some of the main reasons that causes this problem these are listed below

  1. Phone is from another country and its coverage is not for all of the countries that come on the boundaries
  2. These days there are multiple phones that are refurbished and these are often sold from the side of vietnam ; or hongkong or china. As there was a report as well about a company in china that was caught in august 2015. Who were assembling fake phones in iPhones in china.In china there are a lot phones are manufactured which are not by the company but exactly looks like the real ones. So these phones are the big reason if you have purchased anyone of these you are being scammed and that’s why it is causing such problems.
  3. Another thing is if you purchased it from any third person ; this phone is might be stolen from any person who has not sold it legally and after his phone was stolen so he complained it to his local telecommunication authority and banned the IMEI of the phone. If both above things are not the reason then you must try this one. You will have to change the whole bios of the phone  and built then again and so you can also see once IMEI is changed phone is working properly without any interruption.2nd
  4. Last but not least if above mentioned method doesn’t work for you all you need to do is to just check your hardware and transmitter of your mobile phone because if there is no problem in software all you can do is to check its transmitter frequency range. If low range then it will not work in basements  and in rooms and if range is good then for sure you can see its coverage will be around the globe and there will be never such an issue of signal again.
  5. However some phones transmitter power gets weaker some use of many years in this case you will have to replace it

So, its over guys hope so now you will be able to get resolved this problem…bookmark this page now for more information and tips/tricks for your mobile