No matter whether you are going to a formal event or to one of the hottest clubs in town for a crazy night out this holiday season, you will certainly benefit from fresh and sexy party makeup ideas. It’s all about looking glam and having fun. The important thing is to use the right products which are long lasting and do not smudge or get absorbed into the skin.



Prepare Your Face

You should clean your face perfectly so that you can get the freshest look. Use an appropriate primer especially if you have oily skin and T-zone covered with blackheads. This is one of the best party makeup ideas which you can get. After all, you would not want your imperfections to show in the middle of the night after a lot of dancing.

It is best if you use a tinted moisturizer instead of a traditional concealer and foundation. That way, your face will have a natural and youthful dewy finish. You should definitely use a sculpting powder to highlight your cheekbones. A little bit of natural looking blush will certainly do you a great favour as well.


You should definitely experiment with eye makeup. There are a lot of trendy party makeup ideas that you can use for inspiration. Metallic teal eyeliner will certainly give you a super cool look and make you the star of the party. When it comes to eye shadows, purple is the biggest hit. Given that this colour is so specific, you should combine it only with classic black mascara.


Use the super trendy coral lip colour for a charming girly look. Pink petal is another super hot lip stain that you can try. It goes amazingly well with light-coloured metallic makeup. If you want something more formal and sophisticated you can go for matte red, wine or berry colour.

You can readily consider putting gloss over dark stained lips as long as you will not use dramatic eye makeup but simple mascara only. If you want to use a super sparkly lip gloss it should have a pale colour. This is one of the most attractive party makeup ideas.


The classic red is the total hit in the nails category. You can experiment with pink and purple as well. You can use nail art if you wish, but the solid colours are trendier at present because of their universal classic appeal.

Make full use of these great party makeup ideas and have lots of fun.