Gulahmed Summer Collection 2015


Gulahmed is a renowned name in premium women clothing. It has a dense retail footprint all over the country. It is famous for the top quality, affordable & best price brand. With large quantity of retail stores across Pakistan, Gulahmed giving a premium quality of fabric to its customers as well as remarkable style & trend.Here is the Gulahmed Summer Collection 2015 including different categories and fabrics for your wardrobe. Some are Fancy Summer Collection and some are casual normal summer collection. In Fancy Summer Collection, there are different categories like Chantilly de chiffon, Embroidered chiffon, La chiffon, Fluer de chiffon,Trencia satin silk and also Premium embroidered chiffon.In Normal Casual Summer Collection, there is a variety of embroidered lawn, Safari Lawn, Two Pieces lawn collection as well as Single embroidered lawn collection. Lamis Digital Silk is also the part of Gulahmed Summer Collection 2015.


When the customer purchases any product from Gulahmed collection, it is a wonderful & delightful experience for the customer. Gulahmed delivers the quality to its customers, So that this is the reason of its prosperity.

Now First of All, get a look its Lamis Digital Silk collection that is a best for your parties or formal functions:

These are the 100 percent pure Silk Shirts with Chiffon Dupattas and beaded laces or jacquard. Some shirts are with embroidered laces & buttons. Price of each dress is 6000 in Pakistani Rupees.


TheseĀ  100 percent silk shirts are with silk dupattas and embroidered & pearl laces. Price range of these dresses isĀ  from 4000 to 6000.

gul3 gul8 gul7 gul6 gul5 gul4

Now following is the Chantilly de chiffon category of GulAhmed Summer collection 2015. these dresses are with embroidered shirts, embroidered chiffon dupatta and dyed shalwar.

cha1 cha2 cha3 ch4 cha5 cha7 cha6 cha11 cha10

cha9 cha8 cha7 cha15 cha14 cha13

chi15 chi14 chi13 chi12 chi11 chi10 chi9 chi8 chi7 chi6 chi5 chi4 chi3 ch2 chi1

These are the following designs of Premium Embroidered Chiffon category with beautiful embroidered chiffon dupattas & embroidered shirts and laces. Prices of these dresses are from 6000 to 7000:

p15 p14 p13 p12 p11 p10 p9 p8 p7 p6 p5 p4 p3 p2 p1 chi15 chi14 chi13 chi12 chi11 chi10 chi9 chi8 chi7 chi6 chi5 chi4 chi3 ch2 chi1 cha15 cha14 cha13 cha12 cha11 cha10 cha9 cha8 cha7 cha6 cha5 ch4 cha3 cha2 cha1