The Google Nexus 9 is the co-development of Google and HTC and it is the tablet computer that runs the Android Operating System. The Nexus 9 was released on 3 November, 2014. It is not in the smart shape but contains the powerful NVIDIA’s Tegra K1 processor that makes it so fast and with great performance. The 4:3 ratio screen is used in this new Nexus 9 tablet and the NEXUS’s are first to launch with the latest 5.0 Lollipop version. It is a great tablet to use with the soft touch plastic back and with Boom sound stereo speakers.



The new Nexus 9 has the 9 inch with the 4:3 ratio screens and with the screen resolution of 1536 x 2048 and with the pixel density of 264 ppi. The Nexus 9 contains the AMOLED LCD display which is very good, sharp, vivid and nice. It comes in a great display size so that you can use it either in landscape or portrait position. It included the top best display with the brightness at 455.69cd/m2. It also included the great and sharp saturated colors with very good black levels and with the contrast ratio of 1195:1.

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The primary main camera is of 8MP and the front camera is of 1.6 MP, also the both camera’s lenses have the f/2.4 aperture. The camera result is great and with well saturated colors. It can also shoot the 1080p photos that give the awesome and nice result.



The Nexus 9 is with good and crafty design with 4:3 aspect ratios and with the metallic frame around each side of this Nexus 9 and it is measuring 228.25 x 153.68 x 7.95 mm and with 8mm thinner. And it also has the soft and rubberized back cover and the brushed metal frame wraps around its body.  It comes in three colors black, white and gold and it weighted 425g (0.94 pound).



The new Nexus 9 has the NVIDIA’s Tegra K1, a dual core processor with 2GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage and running with 2.5 GHz. It has no superfluous memory included. The Tegra K1 is the charging giant. It is a switch from Qualcomm snapdragon chipset with a 64-bit chip. These all things together made the Nexus 9 fastest and powerful in terms of performance. Its multi-media functionality is also very great whether you are watching videos, playing games or playing music. It also included with the solid Wi-Fi connection as the web pages open at your finger tip.



The Nexus 9 has a great battery life. The battery is about 6700 mAh and it is lasted almost 9.5 hours if non-stop Wi-Fi browsing and with videos playback. And when playing MP4 720p vidoes then it lasts for 11.25 hours. The battery life is excellent for this Android tablet.



The Nexus 9 is the powerful and excellent tablet and it is the top list recommended tablets. You can use it for everyday use. The Nexus 9 design, audio and video quality, speakers, display all are excellent. It is a little expensive. Otherwise Nexus 9 is the great and worth buy tablet to use.