Proper nutrition is also as important as an exercise. After a great exercise, it is also best to eat foods that are just right for you. Any person may ask, “What is the best food diet to flatten abs?” well, here are some. Read on.

Eggs – Eggs are rich in protein and it is good to improve muscles in the body including the tummy. Hardboiled egg is the best menu for you especially during breakfast. You will also feel full when eating an egg.


Soya beans – Soy beans are rich in protein and fiber and it is also an anti oxidant. You can also use soy beans as a replacement for milk if you are lactose intolerant since it can be made into liquid form.

Almonds – Almonds are very rich in vitamin E, protein fiber and it is also an anti oxidant. It is also rich in magnesium that helps maintain our muscle tissues. Research also shows that almonds can block calories in the body.

Fruits – Fruits are also great sources of vitamins and minerals that are necessary to make the body healthier and to help burn fats in the stomach. Fruits also help you stop craving for fatty foods that can add up to your “baby fats”.

Vegetables – Just like fruits vegetables are also rich in vitamins and minerals including fiber. It cleanses the body from toxins and it also helps in adding up nutrients to strengthen the abs after a good day of exercise.

Whole grain products – Instead of pasta which is high in carbohydrates, try eating whole breads that are high in fiber and minerals as well.

Oatmeal – Oatmeal is rich in soluble fiber and it makes you feel full after eating. You can also add up some fruits and nuts to enhance your nutritional intake.

Water – Water is also very important because it helps your body to hydrate. 8 glasses or more of water a day would be sufficient to hydrate your body.

These are just some of the many varieties of food that can be eaten to help in your quest on how to get a six pack.
Remember that there are also precautionary measures on how to get a six pack. Read on my friend.


Do not over exert yourself when having an exercise because your muscles or bones can also be stressed. The best thing to do is to rest until you have completely recovered from your workout.

It is also proper to quit smoking and alcohol intake. Smoking can make your lungs unhealthy and alcohol can dehydrate your body.

Avoid “junk foods”, fatty foods and processed foods. These can harm your body and fats can also accumulate in your tummy causing your mission on how to get a six pack to fail.

In conclusion, exercise techniques can help you get a six pack with the help of proper nutrition and by avoiding the “no-no’s”. Have a perfect abs!