Exercise techniques are the best way to get perfect abs. Here are the effective exercise techniques to flatten your stomach.

1. Crunches – This kind of exercise focuses on the muscles on your abdomen. You can lie on the floor flat with a mat on your back and do some counted crunches for a given time. In this way, your muscles are flexed and tightened thus, flattening your abs.


2. Sit ups – Sit ups are also effective in getting a six pack. To do this is to lay your back on the floor with a mat. Arms should be crossed and gently lift up your body but your feet should stay flat on the surface of the floor. You can ask the help of a friend or a spotter to hold your feet and legs in position.

3. Leg lifts – Gently lift up your legs in a straight position with your back lying on the flat floor with matting. The angle of your legs lifted should at least be 90 degrees to be effective. Leg lifts can be hard at first but after a few practices it can be easier for you.

4. Static hold exercise – This technique is just like a push up position. The difference is that you don’t have to push your way up that is why it is called “static” meaning you don’t have to move

Place your body in a flattened floor just like in a push up position but your elbows flat on the floor and a straightened body. Hold on to that position for about 45 seconds or more if you can still do it. Make sure that while doing this, you should focus on your abs to tone it down.unnamed

5. Oblique muscle training – The truth is, it is not quite important to do this kind of exercise for your abs. But the thing is it will also be one of the factors to shape up your abdomen.

6. Cardiovascular exercises – Cardio work outs are great methods to burn out those fats and calories. You can do swimming, running, cycling and other cardio work outs.

7. Weight lifting – Weight lifting helps in flexing the muscles and flattens the stomach. Focus on weight lifting exercises that will burn the fats in the abdomen. This can be the hardest method on how to get a six pack but it is as effective as the other methods applied.

These are just some of the exercise tips on how to get a six pack fast. There are also equipment exercises that can be used to enhance exercise trainings for the abdomen. You can search in the internet or you can purchase them in fitness stores.

Besides having some exercises, there are also other factors to be considered on how to get a six pack within an earlier amount of time. Here are some of the factors to be considered.