An old saying states that ‘the way your skin looks represents your health’. Making sure that your skin looks smooth and young will improve your health. And of course, it makes you look good.

Many skin care producers try to create a big marketing buzz around their products.They use many different ingredients that are supposed to be good for your skin. For you, this makes it more difficult to find out what really helps you to improve your skin condition (and what is just marketing language used by these producers). Although skin products sold in shops can help you to improve your skin condition, there are more important things you should do to make sure your skin looks great. To take the best care of your skin, there are four golden rules which you should follow.



1 Avoid being exposed to an abundance of sunlight

Ultraviolet sunlight will break down the connective skin tissue. You can compare this to an elastic string that hasSunlight been exposed to sunlight for a couple of days; it snaps very easily. A similar thing can happen to your connective skin tissue. At some point your skin cells won’t be able to compensate the breakdown of connective skin tissue anymore, and wrinkles will start to appear.

Next to appearing wrinkles, the ultraviolet light of the sun also increases the chance that you will get skin cancer. A lot of exposure at a young age can cause a lot of trouble when you get older! Therefore, avoid too much sun exposure, and try to wear protective clothes to protect your skin. Also use sun cream as much as possible when you are exposed to sunlight for a longer time.


2 Don’t smoke

smoke-that-cigaretteJust like ultraviolet sunlight, smoking leads to negative side effects on your connective skin tissue. Due to the toxic elements of cigarette smoke, you connective skin tissue will break down faster and you skin will get weaker. Furthermore the blood flow inside your skin will slow down if you smoke a lot. This will decrease your skin quality heavily. Moreover, you will get an unhealthy looking, yellowish skin colour. Just as with ultraviolet light, smoking increases the risk of getting skin cancer. Therefore you should not smoke, or try to stop smoking if possible. Unfortunately, tobacco is a highly addictive product, so to stop smoking might be difficult for you. You’d better not start smoking in the first place.


3 Don’t let your skin dry out

If your skin dries out, it leads to the loss of skin moist. One of the products you might use in daily life that could lead soap,foamto a dry skin, is soap. When you use soap, you remove the protective layer of fat that is present on your upper skin. Especially combined with the use of hot water, your skin will lose its protective layer very quickly. Other factors, like cold weather and the usage of the air conditioner or the central heater can speed up the process of your skin drying out. People with a dry skin generally have more wrinkles, especially in their face and on their hands. Luckily, the effects of a dry skin can be mostly made undone, contrary to the effects of sunlight and smoking cigarettes. The usage of skin cream can help you to keep your skin moisturized.


4 Have a healthy and varied food diet

You can decrease your amount of skin wrinkles by eating foods that contain a lot of unsaturated fats, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, iron and zinc. Eating a lot of vegetables is important, especially coloured vegetables (red, yellow, orange, purple colours) are very good for your skin. The nutrients present in those vegetables,called carotenes, will improve your skin condition. Next to those vegetables, you should eat at least two pieces of fruit every day.

Next to being healthy, your diet should also be varied. You should eat different meals compared to the day before every day. Only by eating a broad variety of foods, your skin and hair will get the nutrients they need to remain in a good condition. By not only focusing on the outside of your body (your skin), but also on your inside (the foods you eat), your skin will look even better and you will have fewer wrinkles.

Have a healthy and varied food diet