5 Reasons that Convince Me Not to Buy iPhone 6



People seem to be queued up every time a new iPhone model is released, right? Well, they must have their own reasons compelling them to do so, but I have a list of reasons that convinces me not to buy a new iPhone 6. Have a look at those reasons and then decide if they look convincing enough or not, before you jump in to buy a new iPhone 6.


  • Why should I buy a new one while I got an iPhone 5s that’s just working fine enough?

To be honest, size is not the only thing that matters in most of the cases! In fact, as far as I am concerned, I would like to stick with my iPhone 5s, which fits into my palms and fingers really well. Most of all, I want to live happily with iPhone 5s because the performance boost in iPhone 6 compared to iPhone 5s cannot be considered noticeable.

  • I like wearing jeans and my thumbs refuse to stretch that far

From my standpoint, the whole big screen frenzy in contemporary smartphones looks quite ridiculous. Back in the day we were told that smartphones were supposed to be used with one hand, right? Well, I still remember that even if you seem to have forgotten that. Since I still prefer drinking coffee while playing with my smartphone, just like I haven’t been able to travel in a tube without holding onto handle or bus rail with one hand; so, I prefer holding and playing with my gadget using one hand only, while reserving the other one for any other task that comes up instantaneously. Moreover, the 4.7” screen fitted in iPhone 6 seems to be a little longer than the reach of majority of average sized people’s innocent thumbs and most importantly, my favorite jeans don’t have pockets wide enough to accommodate this big of a smartphone without bending or damaging it.

  • Android phones win the “most features” war conveniently!

Fact of the matter is that Android phones win the “most features” war conveniently enough, on top of having bigger screens since ages. And if someone tries to compare an 8MP camera sensor on iPhone 6 to 13MP plus sensors on various models of Samsung and HTC, that’s not fair in any way. Even if you insist on doing so, can it be somehow matched with a 41MP camera on Nokia Lumia 1020? I don’t think so.

  • Battery life

I find it really iconic, oh I am sorry, ironic actually, that iPhones have made majority of us into believing that living with a terrible battery life is something OK. Though iPhone 6 comes up with certain improvement in battery life compared to iPhone 5s, can it compete with contemporaries like Sony Xperia z3, which many swear by can last 2 days? Well, that’s quite far from reality from where I see.

Though with smartphones, it’s like you never get everything you need in one gadget, but still you have to see what you are getting for how much you are paying. And all these cons stated right above convince me fairly enough not to buy iPhone 6. I suggest you better weigh your options before buying a new smartphone.

  •  Expensive

Both iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus are expensive than its actual value and due to great android market iOS has really lost a big share of Technology/mobile Market worldwide.