Fight that is going to be held between two very famous and energetic fighters Keith thurman and shawn porter first i will tell you something interest in both of these players both are under 30, age of keith is 27 while porter is 28 years old, although both have won 26 matches but you will wonder to know porter has fought 28 out of which he concurred 26, match draw were only one where he lost 1, As both these fighters have almost same physical appearance with respect to their heights as their height is 5’7”.So What fans think is that the match is going to commence on coming Sunday 2 am between these two tigers with the higher probability that keith Thurman is going to win this match. Our previous analysis tell that there is huge possibilty porter is going to win many of people have this thinking too. but recently thurman just had met an accident in which his car god crashed so how he will be able to survive for so long and fight continous because we have seen porter fighting for up to 162 rounds while Thurman has reached yet merely to 112.



As Thurman has never lost till now and he is still retaining his title after a match against Robert guerrero he beaten him and maintained his position while defending it also against Luis Collazo in the last match that was held among them.On the other hand Brook is giving opninions in fighting against Porter he knows him very well so he suggest that his major strikes are either on your chest but many of them could also be out of range his purpose of doing this way is to keep him away from the shots that he would get in return and try to keep himself out of range of the opponent due to this technique he plays for more round and tires his opponent and wins the match so if you gainsay the value of shawn porter it will be totally fitful because keil just had car crash and he is not going to fight for so long so it would be foible for him.Although it is very facile for Keith Thurman to beat porter is heĀ  is in good condition but this time it is expedient for porter as keith is not well.


So lets watch this sunday what happens, be connected with us for updates