Neuromarketing Hacks Vs. Content Marketing

In the field of marketing marketers have always been trying their best to get the major junk of their target audience although they belong to any part of the world, so marketers have been trying the best way to capture attention of the customers. In this regard Nuromarketing has been introduced as it has been tested and verified by marketers already so I am going to share here so of the major benefits of it that you must comply while doing marketing so you do not get regret and win on competition.



First of all what is the basic difference between Neuromarketing and other various marketing techniques.

Human brain consists of approximately 100 billion neurons connection. These connections are built with the time process start when a child is in mother’s womb on the last stage. So when growth occurs more new neuron connections are built up with time as well, for example you can move your hand , you can speak, you can understand meanings all these are only workable due to neuron connections.

Neuromarketing Hacks for Maximum Content Impact

So, Marketing is based upon pushing or informing about their product to customers. Psychology is used these days to study the human behavior how they react to particular stimuli and benefits associated to it.
What results with this campaign will be formed?

Such ad builds the new neuron connection in the brain so whenever they see the particular stimuli they make a purchase decision. How many times ad is being seen stronger the neuron connection is built in the mind.” More repetition, More Stronger –connection in the brain” , So this is how a neuromarketing is done and it is so powerful.



Other Neuromarketing techniques are

  • Use of attractive face or favorite actor suggesting or it can also be the smiling face
  • A quick short story in the advertisement
  • Nostalgia (This technique is very powerful) only for old aged people
  • Novelty, Just like Red Bull sponsored to the person who did the paragliding from highest distance from earth.
  • Use of attractive colors, to target customers according to the color of your product.
  • One of the most important thing is using scarcity as leverage ” If there is anything that is going to be shortened or end within a shorter period of time so people will more likely buy that product this phenomenon is also known as the scarcity effect
  • Repetition of advertisement


Final Result

Neuromarketing is not only easier but also works as catalyst for generating more leads and conversions online as well. So Neuromarketing is much powerful than ordinary content marketing technique it apply the principles of neuroscience to marketing the products.