Results of ERUO Cup Match on 16 June

Trendystuff is always concentrating on how to deliver you the news that is always chased by majority of news seekers .As Euro Cup 2016 just started in this month from 11 june and will go till 11 of july all of these matches will be played in France. So here is much bigger news about the European match which was held between UEFA of the season 2016. It is reported that this match got draw and there are 5 takeaways from this draw. In a recent interview Joachim low, gave a statement on this occasion about Germany vs. Poland European new comers are having a tournament that they have never in their lives before. In these matches as 24 teams have joined them and many countries like Hungary and Iceland showed very impressive results till now in this European tournament it has been seen in this game that many of the goals are scored only at the end of the game not in beginning and not even in middle particularly at end here is an example France and Northern Ireland. This tournament is not only of their respective teams and regions but it’s obvious from their struggle that this tournament is merely not limited to them but it is of their lives.



All of us have seen the performance of many players in these football matches so its clear false nines are much better than other and they are so superb ball players with multiple abilities as they can add fluidity to the power of team’s attack. On the other hand Mueller hasn’t shown that ability that he actually possesses and because many of the players aren’t able to predict him while he is on the ground as he has previously made a lot of goals and scored a lot but this time he is not good in this area while on other areas he is still much better. Any team could be knocked out as no team either Germany or Poland had scored more goals both of them are in a ratio of 0:0 as these matches are not at lower pace but these are in the European countries because and Germany has more Championship qualification than Poland even though they made no goal against Poland. As he occupied them all the night during the match and it was very hard for us to defend even as a team


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Similarly Nawalka has many viewpoints about Robert Lewandowski that he is very important for their gameplan as he is working hard & tremendously even we have seend his performance and have seen he made no goal against opponents. Same way Boateng also made some comments about Lewandowski that it is many times difficult for them to play against himSo with overall performance of Leandowski and others who played well for their respective teams now the situation stands here as Germany’s national football team that has depicted a match tied  on Thursday as both of the teams were fully polished.So get ready for the next game that is going to be among Nothern Ireland and German it will be on 21st of june and there will be one more match on the same day between Poles and Ukrainians.