There are almost million ways to earn money online but it really feels fun when you get it by doing that work which you are good at. Here are some amazing apps that you should install on your smartphone.

Love trying new apps?



Then “Whaff” is the right app for you. This app pays you money for installing and using other apps. There are some former apps that pay as well, but Whaff pays much more than the others. The application basically pays you for advertising other apps. You can also earn extra money by suggesting it to your friends. Currently, this application is available for Android platform only. To install this app, simply go to google play store. After installation, login with your Facebook account and that’s it. You can either withdraw your money through a PayPal account or you can buy gift cards on Facebook, amazon, google play, Xbox and PlayStation.

Love Sports?


Try “Streak for the Cash” app. This app is awesome for the people who love sports. Not only it keeps you updated about the sports events like football around the whole world, but it also allows you to make your guess about which team is going to win the game. If your prediction goes right, you are automatically entered in the tournament. Once you qualified for the tournament, then keep predicting and you will move on to the upper levels. This application distributes 1.2 million dollars among the winners annually. So if you are interested in sports, install this app today and try your luck. It is available for both Android and iPhone users.

Love Photography?


If your mobile phone has a good camera and you think that you are a creative photographer, then “Scoopshot” is the perfect application for you. This is a photography application. All you have to do is shoot a picture or a video and upload it through this app. There is no restriction of topic or any specifications for photo or video. You can shoot pictures of almost anything around you. Upload your photo or video and select its price according to your own will. If anyone buys it, you will get your money for it. Besides, photography contests are also held on a daily basis. These contests have a specific topic for each day like flowers, clouds, buildings, etc. You have to upload the relevant picture with the hashtag. For instance, if topic is Tree, than you would have to upload a picture of tree with a caption #TREE. The winner is selected on voting basis. You could also ask your friends to vote for your picture. The winner’s picture is than selected as the main background of the application as appreciation and hence promoting him/her. This contest may not give you any money but it definitely gives you a lot of fame. So, if you have an artistic mind than check out this cool app. It is available for android as well as iphone platform.