School medicine is now well advanced. However, it may be that school medicine also fails totally in some areas, but where natural healing procedures can have an effect. For this reason, treatment methods for curative practitioners and naturalists are a possible alternative to the treatment of diseases and general ailments. A method which can “destroy” many a disease or not even develop it at all is the purification. Selected products for perfect detoxification can be purchased on the Internet. There used to be the purification, but it was known under a different name and using other methods. A common term for detoxification in ayurveda¬†is the Panchakarma.

Purify and detoxify



In the western world, the history of purification only dates back to the end of the 19th century. At the same time, the topic of hygiene became more and more prioritized in society: for the large industrial cities, this primarily means the establishment of a reasonable sewage system. In addition, the theory of the development of the disease occurred at the same time. In particular, intestines and kidneys played an important role, since these are responsible for the transport of toxins from the body. Nevertheless, the opinion that poisonous slags in the intestine can lead to illness or general malaise has not prevailed in all humans.

Cures and diets

The term “detoxification” was chosen because in times of industrialization an analogy was found for the cleaning of blast furnaces and the fire boiler of steam locomotives. Otto Buchinger, a physician who discovered the effects of fasting at the beginning of the twentieth century and developed the method of healing, is the father of purification methods. Basically, the fasting is about cleansing the bowels, in order to protect themselves from diseases or minor physical imbalances. However, such diets or cures not only lead to a gentle cleansing of the intestine, but also support healthy eating and chewing behavior.