The last  few months found curiosity not only in the UK in the whole world united kingdom going to decide about their future, but now the referendum is over the last 44 years relation is over and UK is not part of 28 countries union and prime minister of UK David Cameron resigns .The Great Britain has a worldwide popularity  history of traditional  royalty and In fact, its traditions and sense, did not worry the minds of a certain class and that was also a reason of the referendum.  Over 2 million European living in the UK and getting same rights  UK citizen, but now they have to leave the  UK. Individually Britian has the different  policies to live in UK and work in UK, but as member of European union they have to follow these rules the European can live in UK and work and can get same rights of UK citizen  and that was  the main reason of referendum because england and wales people don’t want European in UK becasue of unemployment and England and Wales people votes for leaving European union but Scotland and london people voted for to be a part of European union and these things goes viral on political issues now scotland want referendum again and some of politicians said make london another state. now come to the main point,now people are thinking , so what will be the future of UK how UK will survive without eu market  and what  will be happening  with UK. Many question rise.



So per we know after the referendum UK ponds unexpectedly decreased down within just 3 days and if we talk about trade now UK cannot reach freely in the global market  so they just wait for new policies, but till then they will just  follow seems the standard like china and us.  and over one million EU people are going to leave London as soon as per Sadiq Khan said in his latest speech. And over 2 million European have to leave UK and from now   skilled European people can work in UK on  work permit visa bases and the number of these forums will be very limited. According to IMF after the leaving European union UK economy could be down and London could lose its  worldwide market place. But now news around that European union giving  some time to UK to think about the final referendum anyhow after the withdrawal, how will be an economic power of UK and what will be the results? Do citizen can have a better future ?


So in short now for these answers we will have to  wait for next 2 years, even then the new policies have not come around this is the reason what we saw happening in Brexit and their meetings it is over all a great loss.