The breakfast is supposed to keep the metabolism of our bodies busy throughout the day, and who does not know the famous saying “eat like a king in the morning, like a peasant at noon, and a beggar in the evening.”

Nutritionists were temporarily of the opinion that just the elimination of the breakfast of the slim line would be detrimental. This statement, however, is somewhat outdated. The breakfast offers the first opportunity of the day to save some calories, after all, it will not be by itself less. The influence of breakfast on the following meals was examined and the result was that people who had less breakfast and had consumed less calories at the end of the day. Whoever did not eat breakfast did not reach twice later in the day.



The “Second Breakfast” is infrequently larger than common. For those who do not connect amazing significance to breakfast,, they do not have to force themselves to do so. If you like to eat extensively, the other meals can be smaller. At breakfast you should also pay attention to the energy density of the food, which is significantly higher for breakfast than for dinner. Bread with a sweet topping or spread provides much more calories per gram than vegetables, curd, turkey breast or eggs.

At Müsli you have to be careful, sweet finished products are usually true thickeners. However, if you mix your own muesli, you can reduce the high energy density with fruit. Fruit offers the lighter and saturating alternative to sweets, an apple has less calories than two small pieces of chocolate. If that were to be calculated, then a whole bar of chocolate would be about ten apples …, and who is already eating so many apples? Just keep in mind that fruit, because of its high carbohydrate content, stimulates our insulin. This, however, prevents our body from removing the fat that is being mined at night. This means, however, that the fruit is better exchanged for vegetables in the evening. Paprika, carrot and cucumber sticks leave the insulin level down, have a lower energy density and saturate with less calories.