Anyone of us can be successful in our lives. But the major things that really influence our behavior and increase the success factor in our lives are the following:



1-Our memory and the speed of accessibility but timely and accuracy matters. Most of us depend upon our knowledge that we have gained from our surroundings or third person or through any other source these are not actually much important, knowledge of things that helps shaping up our behavior better possess such valuable information that can play a vital role in the success of our life. For example, I am passing through a street if I notice the things right there like area round about it and keep in my mind multiple attributes associated with it in my mind these would be the best selection of our mind but what if i just ignored and saw some boys having fun there….it will be quite useless, so i just presented here a very simple situation although now you will be able to realize what knowledge is of much importance to remember, same as a source of information is very important and to remember that information is also of same importance, instead of capturing knowledge about poor jokes and harassment of others why not we try to just listen to the saying of successful person that meets to our personality and interests. That gives a value addition to our existing memory. Now I will be discussing another important factor that plays major role in success


2- Many of us just try to show they are so intelligent and wise, either they are or not. It’s never a good decision to adopt in daily life. The most important thing in this world is to build strong relationships with surrounding although it is not possible as many people gets jealous of you, but still you will have to bear them whenever they try to create a problem for you, your ethics and attitudes towards others should be polite for lifetime no matter that person is successful or not these are the basics actually that should be part of our routine but many of us never pays attention towards these situations. Strong relationships with as many as possible amount of people will always be the biggest incentives for you for whole life. Unless people are not happy with your attitude and behavior they are never going to like you and be with you in hard times as we know life is a cycle of good and bad times and at those times your sincere friends, colleagues and family members will play vital role and others who authorized you in their mind as a good characterized person with many positive qualities. As this world is for those only who has a big pile of money but still in this era your dealings and attitude matters a lot and sometimes these qualities can turn your bad qualities like lack of knowledge and experience, drinking alcohol etc., still your socially acceptability will not be reduced if your relationship with your surroundings was good. This is all what we can do in our lives till end of time if no respect before others, means you have earned nothing in your life and no one will be going to give a position feedback about you and you will definitely fail in your life.