Battlefield is a progression of first-individual shooter computer games that began on Microsoft Windows and OS X, it was initially released in 2002 named as battlefield 1942. This game was developed by a Swedish company named EA Dice. As compared to other first person shooter games, this game has really focused on large maps, team play and some vehicle warfare as well.



This game is a real big series itself, so one does not need to search for a different game to enjoy a new like platform – Just pass on the series and keep enjoying. As already told, Battlefield 1942 was the first version introduced, followed by Battlefield the Road to Rome, Secret Weapons of WWII, Battlefield Vietnam – And it moved on, it improved on. And finally the latest version ongoing is Battlefield 1 and it has just been released on October 21,2016 – This field of battle has now entered the first World War for the first time


Since Battlefield 2, all games in the series centrally record online statistics for  each player, allowing the players to receive rank promotions and weapon unlocks based on their statistics as well as awards such as medals, ribbons and pins.

A class system has been present within all the Battlefield games. Each class features a different type of primary weapon along with different equipment, differentiating roles on the battlefield.

You guys must be thinking now about the maps where you would be enjoying the adventure! So here is it;

Sinai Desert Map:

There are several good things in this map and obviously few bad as well – So let’s first discuss the good ones here:


  • Animation Of Horse:

      Getting consistent with life, activity of creatures into a diversion is extremely troublesome. Along these lines, we were flabbergasted to perceive how sensible and smooth the steed activities were in DICE’s new shooter. Riding these steeds is exceptionally support and simple. Part of the fun originates from charging at for players and cutting them with your sword. You additionally have a rifle with you which is extremely precise. Just thing else DICE can add to make the stallion riding knowledge far and away superior is execution.


  • Real Dog Fights:

      Now there is none of that auto bolt pool where you simply need to keep your plane cursor on the foe sufficiently long to have a bolt on. It is real quick now. Presently you have planes pursuing each other everywhere with a back heavy weapons specialist returning shoot to the plane behind you as you fly around the guide.


  • Thrilling Adrenalin:

     Each of the firearms has a wonderful sound and feels when you’re shooting, reloading or even simply circling with them. The sensible and smooth weapon movements loan this amusement the authenticity which is mostly not the case in many of the shooter games.



So, overall, the game will require you to be more careful in your shooting and stay more specific.

That’s it for now..! Hope you guys enjoyed it. Stay tuned and have a great time!!s!