10 Best Mobile Browsers


Firefox introduced its first versions for Mobiles in 2011 for Android 2.3 & Newer. Firefox now introduced its version for iOS users in 2015.



Mozilla is WebRTC-enabled; it has provided add-ons and cross-device syncing option. It also provides extensions to enhance your mobile browsing. If you want to block ads then Mozilla will do it for you. You can add ‘Quite’ button in the main menu. Mozilla’s privacy feature is the best feature in this browser that keeps you from being tracked. Overall it is so great, perfect and excellent alternative for both smartphone and tablet users.



First version of Chrome for Android was released on September 26, 2012 & it is brought by Google. It is compatible for both Android & iOS versions.

Now a day it’s very fast, smooth and great browser for the smartphone & tab users. It’s excellent in cross-device syncing option that is one of its best features, it work greatly at synchronizing across platforms.  Incognito mode for private-browsing needs & also WebRTC-enabled.


Google Translate which automatically translate in your preferred language.

Chrome can block tracking the online browsing through Support Do Not Track.

Chrome has great ability to switch between mobile and desktop versions.

Form auto-fill and One-tap sharing options



First version of Opera was released in 2000. Opera is fast, safe, secure and lightweight and a Spartan’s layout.


Opera is most famous because of its fast browsing speed and it can automatically compress the data such as videos and images through Opera Turbo, in order to speed up the browsing. Just like Chrome & Mozilla, Opera also have the cross-devices syncing option through which you can sync your data or bookmarks. It is recently added the WebRTC-enabled. Opera has built-in download manager and also have the option if private browsing needed.



Safari browser was introduced by Apple. It is the default browser in iDevices. It was used in in Iphone’s since IPhone first launch in 2007. Like other browsers, Safari browser also added some great and advanced features.


Safari has Encrypted Media Extensions, WebGl support, Indexed DB support, web feed aggregator and many more features.

In Safari, App indexing coming to Google searches. WebKit content blockers is also a great feature that is present in Safari browser.

Use Safari instead of Chrome or other browsers if you need to save your battery life.

Swipe driven controls was replaced with forward and back button and Tab view option makes the browser look smarter and beautiful.



Dolphin Browser was developed by Mobotap. And it is used for both operating systems Android and iOS. It was also the first alternate browser for android and as well as for Apple users.


Dolphin browser is very speedy, powerfull and load pages really fast.  Swipe left or right to open the new Tab.

Dolphin Sonar is the great feature of this browser that can control the browser by voice. You can control the browser of your own without installing anything. You can also control over Web content or block pop-ups. It has also add-ons option with powerful tools and off course with custom gestures support.

Dolphin is the only browser with its own theme engine and also includes the extensions such as Dolphin Reader                which strips out the junks.



Puffin Browser was developed by Shioupyn Shen and this browser is compatible for both Android & iOS operating systems. Puffin Browser is designed to boost up the browsing because the speed is everything for most of web users.


Puffin introduced the interesting and great features in the mobile browser platform. Puffin is the fastest mobile browser with better Flash Player. Puffin browser also supports Camera and Microphone for Flash based websites. It has a great feature to download any files straight to your cloud service of choice.



Link Bubble browser was developed by Chris Lace in 2015. Link Bubble browser work in the background as you browse on your phone. Link Bubble brings some interesting features in the mobile browsing history.


You can intercept the link in Link Bubble browser. You can drag to share directly and through the ‘Share Picker’ function you can send files or data to third-party app or in your Pocket account. Link Bubble has the Pro Version feature through which you can load multiple links simultaneously.



Mercury browser was developed by iLegendSoft in 2013. Mercury browser is very elegant, fast and powerful browser which is available for Android & iOS.


Mercury browser does you forget that you are browsing on a smaller screen; it will allow you to take full advantage of your device’s touchscreen.  Mercury’s user agent feature allows viewing sites as they were appeared on another mobile browser. Mercury connect features allow the cross-devices syncing option through which you can sync data.  It has an awesome feature to take screen shot and share; through this feature you can take a screenshot of a selective portion. Mercury browser has cloud storage service, gesture and shakes support.


Neil Patel is the founder of Flynx browser. It can read the web smartly, save time & multi-tasking. Flynx is fast and lightweight that runs in the background.


Flynx browser wrapped in a minimalist layout. If you want to open anything, tap the link and the Flynx open it in the background. Through Flynx, you can save your articles in the background and it can automatically detect articles or blogs from different websites. It helps you read the web smartly and it’s a brilliant with great use case. A double-tap in Flynx can save articles, blogs or images so that you can read these later.




Maxthon browser is developed in China by Maxthon Ltd. Maxthon is fast, secure, easy to use and it is stylish and eye catching web browser.


One of the Maxthon’s great features is that it is super-fast speed.  And the Ad Hunter extension can blocks pop up ads and can blocks the ads on webpages. It can take the screen shot from any other browser. Maxthon browser is different from other browser due to its one of the great features and that feature is the Notes. You can write important things from web and save.

Maxthon is a great look that can split screen and display two different webpages in a single tab and that split-screen mode is very useful for surfing on web.